Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail: Trace, Relics, Light Cone, and Party

Fu Xuan is a Quantum type character with the Preservation path released by Honkai Star Rail in update 1.3.

Compared to characters with the same path type, Fu Xuan has a quite unique mechanism for protecting the characters in the team.

The following are all recommendations and guides for building Fu Xuan starting from materials, Trace priorities, Relics, and others.

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Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail Build Recommendation

You can get Fu Xuan on the Honkai Star Rail Warp Event banner update 1.3 the second part after Fu Xuan.

You can get this character together with Lynx, a 4 star character with the Abundance path and Quantum elements.

Fu Xuan's Talent and Character Ascension Materials

Fu Xuan Ascension Material Honkai Star Rail
Fu Xuan Trace and Level Ascension Material (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan requires a list of materials for the character's ascension level as follows:

  • Artifex material drops: Artifex's Module, Artifex's Cogwheel, and Artifex's Gyreheart,
  • Quantum character level ascension from Stagnant Shadow (Shape of Abomination): Nail of the Ape.

As for ascension Trace, Fu Xuan would need materials:

  • Material path Preservation: Endurance of Bronze, Oath of Steel, and Safeguard of Amber
  • Artifex material drops: Artifex's Module, Artifex's Cogwheel, and Artifex's Gyreheart
  • Trace level 5++ requires drop material Echo of War: Divine Seed (Phantylia): Regret of Infinite Ochema.

Best Eidolon for Build Fu Xuan

fu xuan honkai star rail eidolon
Eidolon Fu Xuan (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan without Eidolon is very good at playing the role of a Preservation character in protecting party members so they don't die easily during battle.

If you want Fu Xuan's function as Support to be more optimal in supporting the party, here are the following:

  • Eidolon 1: Increases Crit DMG 30% from The Knowledge effect
  • Eidolon 2: When the Matrix of Prescience is active, characters in the party who are hit by a fatal attack will not die, and get DMG recovery from 70% of the character's HP
  • Eidolon 6: Fu Xuan's Ultimate DMG will increase 200% of the total HP of all characters in the lost party + 120% of Fu Xuan's lost HP when the Matrix of Prescience is active.
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Trace Priority for Build Fu Xuan

fu xuan hsr trace
Trace Fu Xuan (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan's basic ATK, Novaburst, will deal Quantum DMG attacks to one enemy target.

Fu Xuan's skill, Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts, will activate a mode called Matrix of Prescience.

Moment Matrix of Prescience is active, all DMG received by the character from the party will be reduced by a percentage of the DMG received by Fu Xuan for 3 turns.

As long as the Matrix of Prescience is active, all party members will get The Knowledge effect which can increase the character's HP and Crit Rate which is calculated based on Fu Xuan's maximum HP.

Fu Xuan's ultimate is Woes of Many Morped to One, Fu Xuan will give AoE Quantum DMG to all enemies. 

This Ultimate Attack will also trigger 1 stack to automatically restore Fu Xuan's HP from Talent. 

fu xuan ultimate animation
Fu Xuan Ultimate Animation (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan's talent, namely Bleak Breeds Bliss, will automatically restore Fu Xuan's HP if the character's HP is below 50 percent. Restoring Fu Xuan's HP in this way can be triggered a maximum of 2 times or 2 Triggers.

Misfortune Avoidance will also be active if Fu Xuan's Talent is active. The effect of Misfortune Avoidance is that it can reduce the DMG received by characters in the party.

Fu Xuan's Technique, namely Of Fortune Comes Fate, will provide Shields to Fu Xuan and other characters during exploration. So, when the enemy attacks you will not immediately enter battle mode.

Apart from that, when entering battle mode after using Technique you can automatically activate the Matrix of Prescience which will last for 2 turns.

So, recommendations trace priority for Fu Xuan it is Talent = Skill > Ultimate > Technique > Basic ATK.

Relic recommendations

guardian of wuthering snow relic honkai star rail
Guardian of Wuthering Snow (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan will need a stat HP, SPD, and Energy Regen Rate. Fu Xuan needs a lot of HP so it would be better if you use the HP stat for 2 of Cavern Relic's main stats.

Apart from that, you also need DEF as a sub stat for the Relic used. This is because the DMG reception mechanism will reduce Fu Xuan's HP quickly, so DEF is needed to maintain Fu Xuan in battle.

Cavern Relic combination from Longevous Disciple with Guard of Wuthering Snow or Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is the best Relic for Diviner Fu.

Longevenus Disciples can increase HP, Guard of Wuthering Snow increases DEF, and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace increases SPD.

For the Planar Ornament part, you can use Broken Keel which increases the user's RES Effect and increases the Crit DMG of other characters in the party.

Fleet of Ageless You can use it as a Fu Xuan because it can increase the user's HP and increase the ATK of other characters in the party if the user's SPD is high.

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Light Cone recommendations

she already shut her eyes honkai star rail light cone
She Already Shut Her Eyes Light Cone (source: VCGamers)

Light Cones for Fu Xuan you have to prioritize the HP stat or increase the user's HP.

Therefore Light Cone is like She Already Shut Her Eyes became the best choice for Fu Xuan.

Apart from that, Fu Xuan can also use artifacts that can provide DEF or RES Effects such as Moment of Victory, Texture of Memories, We Are Wildfire, or Day One of My New Life. 

For new players who are still at a low Trailblaze level, you can use a 3 star Light Cone Defense.

Other options like Landau's Choice You can choose with the caveat that the enemy will always target Fu Xuan which causes the character to die quickly.

You can get around this by using a character with the Abundance path such as Luocha or Lynx to prevent Fu Xuan from dying.

Recommended Team Composition (Party Setup)

fu xuan hsr team comps
Team Comps Fu Xuan (source: VCGamers)

Fu Xuan as a Preservation character is an important unit because it can protect the enemy. 

This means you can pair Fu Xuan with almost all DPS in any party.

Fu Xuan's shield system that takes DMG from characters from the attacked party synergizes well with characters that require HP loss to increase DMG.

Therefore, this character who is also called Diviner Fu is very suitable Blades like DPS.

However, because of this, Fu Xuan is not suitable for DPS which has a mechanism for losing buffs when hit by an attack like Yangqing.

Fu Xuan is also very good with characters who can improve Advanced Forward such as Sushang or Bronya.

Therefore, here are some examples of party recommendations that you can use for Fu Xuan:

  • Fu Xuan + Xingque + Silver Wolf + Lynx
  • Fu Xuan + Seele + Silver Wolf + Tingyun
  • Fu Xuan + Blade + Silver Wolf + Bronya
  • Fu Xuan + Blade + Luocha + Tingyun
  • Fu Xuan + Dan Heng + Asta + Tingyun/ Yukong
  • Fu Xuan + Sushang + Luka + TIngyun
  • Fu Xuan + Trailblazer Destruction + Natasha + Asta
  • Fu Xuan + Jing Yuan + Bailu + Tingyun

That's the build guide for the Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail character. Top up Oneiric Shard at VCGamers Marketplace lots of discounts!

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