FR Legends: Android Racing Game with Exciting Drifting Action

FR Legends

For you users Androids and fans racing games, don't miss the FR Legends game to play.

FR Legends is a racing game that makes drifting a reality highlights their mainstay. Games which was released on October 28 2018, has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide.

This article will discuss everything you need to know before playing the FR Legends game. Curious? Come on, follow the complete review in the article below!

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FR Legends Gameplay and Features

This game made by TWIN TURBO Games is available in several languages, including Indonesian. Once you install this game from Playstore, the language in the game will be set according to your country of origin.

Before deciding to install this game, let's look at a brief description of the gameplay and features of FR Legends!

Interactive Lobby

FR Legends interactive lobby
Interactive lobby. Source: FR Legends

Once you enter the lobby, you will be directed to fill in the name of the racer character you will play as.

You will find several interesting details once you enter the lobby. One of them is the spotlight icon in the bottom right corner.

When you press the spotlight icon, the lights on the white car on the screen will also turn on. You can press it up to 2 times to turn on all the lights.

Not only that, you can also interact with the screen to see the car's viewpoint from all directions. Don't forget the cute dog animal details that add to the interest of this game.

Varied Game Modes

FR Legends fighting mode
Fighting game mode. Source: PlayStore

FR Legends has 7 game modes, namely Training, Solo Run, Fighting, Touge Attack, Gymkhana, Championship and Multiplayer. The following is an explanation of each mode:

  • Before playing, it's a good idea to play in mode Exercise First, understand how to control the car in this game.
  • Solo Run as the name suggests, you will be on the circuit alone. Your goal is to follow the directions of the road signs. If you go even a little, you will be eliminated.
  • In vogue Fight you will compete with one person. There are two roles in this mode, Lead as a racer who must be chased and Chase as a racer who must overtake Lead.
  • Touge Attack is the most difficult mode in this game where you have to reach the finish line by doing several challenges.
  • Gymkhana is the best mode for drift enthusiasts, because here you will be provided with a special track to test your car's drifting skills.
  • Mode Championship You can play after successfully rising to a certain level. Here you will compete to get first place.
  • For those of you who like playing with other people, don't worry because FR Legends also has modes Multiplayer.

Wide Choice of Tracks

Track selection in FR Legends
Track selection. Source: FR Legends

For the racing circuit itself, this game has a total of 17 main circuits with 2 mod circuits, namely Noreplay Pass and EB Mountain Pass.

If you want to unlock all the tracks, you have to collect money from winning racing competitions. The price of the circuit varies from $15000 – $40000.

Car Customization and Garage

Car interior customization
Car interior customization. Source: FR Legends

Just like other racing games, FR Legends also has a very complete car customization feature.

You can customize various features of your car. Starting from the car frame, tires, to the interior of the car, you can arrange it as you wish.

When you hit a guardrail or other obstacle on the circuit, this will have an impact on your car.

So, there will be times when you have to visit the garage to repair damaged bumpers or other cracks in the car so that its performance is maintained.

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So, that's a brief review of the FR Legends game. So, are you interested in trying this drifting racing game?

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