Eudora's Hero Build Recommendations in Season 24 ML

Ds season 24 of Mobile Legends, you can use this Eudora hero build recommendation in battle and the enemy will be overwhelmed.

Use this Eudora build hero recommendation in season 24 ML. use it, the enemy will bite their fingers to see the crazy damage from the hero you are using.

It doesn't matter if you've just been nerfed, our recommendation for building hero Eudora from us is guaranteed to be able to deal super sick damage so that the enemy gets even more mentally affected.

The goddess of lightning Land of Dawn, Eudora, is currently the prima donna. How could I not, you don't need fast hands or fighting mechanics, the enemy can immediately "disappear" from civilization.

In fact, enemies who are not mentally strong will be affected by their psychology and tend to want to press the surrender button instead of continuing the fight in vain. 

As you know, he has high damage so he is considered a deadly hero. The reason is, he is able to defeat the enemy in every lightning attack with Crowd Control. Yes, he is very sick.

Its use is also not too difficult, only a combination of skills 2-3-1. Other than that, you only need to buy it for 2,000 BP. No wonder he became the band's customer as the first choice in season 24.

Unfortunately, the queen of power was recently struck by sudden nerves from Moonton. However, those who use it comfortably should not be burdened. You see, Eudora's recommended build hero can keep her victorious on the battlefield in the Land of Dawn. Let's see the design below!

Build Hero Eudora MLBB

Arcane Boots

Build Hero Eudora
Arcane Boots

As a midfielder or support, Eudora's hero build requires enough damage to drink at the start of the game. For that, Arcane Boots can be a solution to replace damage early in the game. An additional +15 percent Magic PEN is enough to support the Magic DMG items you collect.

If you want to get a large amount of mana, you can buy a Magic Necklace first. Only after collecting some necessary items can you sell them and build more.

This shoe has a virtue that will help your hero, it is a +15 magic pen. Apart from that, this item will be able to add 40 movement speed, which will help him run or chase opponents and immediately turn around. 

Genius Wand

Build Hero Eudora
Genius Wand

Another thing is the Genius Wand, which is ideal for midlander heroes such as DMG support like Eudora. Because not only does it provide more Magic PEN, this item also has the effect of reducing the enemy's Magic RES. This also allows the Genius Wall to have good synergy with the next most important thing, which is the Divine Glaive.

Why is the Magic RES reduction effect so important? In contrast to the Magic PEN situation which is only felt by the user of the object, the reduced effect of Magic RES is felt by the operator. Especially if the dealer team has Magic DMG damage, like Harith or Lunox.

Alternatively, you can exchange the Genius Wall for a Lightning Pentcheon. This is actually very synergistic with Clock of Destiny, because it has modified mana damage.

You can use Flash baton if there is no Magic DMG in the team. By adding this item, you get +75 magic power, +5 percent movement speed, and +15 Eudora's magic penetration attribute. This item's unique passive can damage enemies and reduce their magic defense to 3-10.

Clock of Destiny

Build Hero Eudora

Another basic thing that you have to buy is Clock of Destiny. This item is famous for its DMG, Mana and HP stacking effects, so it is perfect for Mage heroes who have to go through the game.

When the stack is full, Clock of Destiny deals a total of 115.5 Magic DMG, 900 mana, and 915 HP. This doesn't include the 5 percent magic power bonus, which is affected by the item you build.

Since Eudora's HP was low, it would take some time to deal with it. One of them is with this item you can add +60 magic power, +615 HP or more blood, +600 mana, which is what Mage users really need.

If you use this thing, it's no surprise that it continues DMG from start to finish. Especially when backing items such as the Holy Crystal or Flash Baton are ready. He can kill enemies instantly with a single combination!

Holy Crystals

Build Hero Eudora

Still wondering why Eudora was so painful from start to finish? Holy Crystals is a piece that can answer this question.

Holy Crystal is one of the Magic DMG items that deals the most extra damage, 100 Magic DMG. This does not include passive effects, which add up to a scale of damage based on the user's magical power. The climb is also very high to make the Burst DMG bigger for the user.

A high-scale hero like Eudora would definitely benefit from this. Because increasing Burst DMG will increase the chance of one shot per kill attack.

Gamers can occasionally try a combination of items during the game. With this item, it will be suitable to be combined with Lightning Truncheon items. Eudora will get an additional +100 Magic Power and a unique Passive from this item will give a Magic Attack of 21-25 percent. 

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Divine Glaive

Build Hero Eudora
Divine Glaive

Before Eudora was hit by an "emergency" nerf from Moonton, Divine Glaive had actually received a reduction first. However, Divine Glaive Nerve is currently only available on the Advanced Server. In this case, Nerf is also proof that he is very OP.

The reason Moonton was nervous was ridiculous. Because, this is prohibited because it causes very painful damage to the enemy. All because the effect of Magic PEN is very high and even the enemy's Magic RES is decreasing.

In addition to adding +40 percent Magic PEN to the user, the passive effect of Divine Glaive also provides an additional 0.1 percent Magic PEN with a weight of 1 Magic RES point per enemy.

This means that the bigger the enemy's Magic RES, the bigger the Magic PEN that uses this object. Do you know why Hero Tank Eudora can kill quickly later in the game?

In addition to attributes, this item also has a Unique Passive + 40 percent Magic PEN. Then this item has a unique feature, namely Spellbreaker which can add a +30 percent Magic PEN bonus if your hero's HP is more than 70 percent. 

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Those are the recommendations for Eudora's build hero that can make enemies emotional. Even if she is not refined, this build can still support her damage, so she can still become a terrible lightning goddess in the Land of Dawn!

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