Only at VC Market! Fill in the Free Electricity Token $VCG Token

Fill in electricity tokens on VC Market

This week there is a promo for filling in $VCG Token free electricity tokens at VC Market.

You can take part in the $VCG Token free electricity token filling promo at this VC Market.

The way to take part in the promo and get $VCG Token for free is very easy.

Let's review how to fill in electricity tokens to get tokens from VCGamers.

Previously, we will review the terms and conditions first.

Terms and Conditions Fill in the $VCG Token Free Electricity Token.

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Terms and Conditions Fill in the Free Electricity Token $VCG Token on VC Market

vcgamers cashback vcg token vc market

Fill in electricity tokens and get free $VCG Tokens at the VC Market. This is part of the $VCG Token Cashback Event.

You can take part in the event in an easy way.

The following are the terms and conditions for the contents of the electricity token and the free $VCG Token.

  1. You must have a VC Market account (Click here).
  2. The Crypto Wallet address that you have already lists the $VCG token.
  3. The promo period is valid from 10 to 20 March 2022.
  4. This promo will end on March 20, 2022 and is the transaction deadline for claims cashback even though the order status has not been completed and a maximum of 5 days after.
  5. $VCG token claims are not valid if the promo period limit is exceeded.
  6. This promo is valid for purchases of all categories at VC Markets, except for the E-Wallet category and several brands such as Bank Transfer & PayPal.
  7. Minimum purchase IDR 50,000/transaction and will get 4 $VCG Token (multiples apply)
    • Purchase IDR 250,000/transaction will get 20 $VCG
    • Purchase IDR 1,000,000 / transaction will get 80 $VCG
  8. The error in including the Crypto Wallet address is beyond the responsibility of VCGamers.
  9. VCGamers has the right to suspect and cancel transactions/benefit cashback tokens, if fraudulent acts are found by members at VC Market.
  10. Limited supply of $VCG Token
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How to fill in electricity tokens and get $VCG free tokens on the VC Market

VCGamers How to Shop at VCGamers - Charge Power Tokens
Registration on VC Market

The way to get a free $VCG Token by filling in electricity tokens is relatively easy.

You will get a free $VCG Token by filling in a minimum electricity token of IDR 50,000.

The amount of Cashbcak $VCG Token applies multiples. For example, if you make a purchase of IDR 2,000,000, you will receive 160 $VCG Tokens (2,000,000/50,000*4 $VCG).

Here's how to get Free VCG tokens on VC Market:

  • Registration on VC Market with Click here.
  • Write “electricity token” in the search field at the top center or Click here.
  • Select the product you want to buy
  • Read and follow how to trade
  • Addition to basket
  • Select Checkout
  • Make sure the order status is 'completed'.
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How to Claim $VCG Token

VCG Token New 4 - Fill in the Electricity Token
VCG Tokens

How to claim a free $VCG Token after buying an electricity token is also very easy. You can claim $VCG token cashback by doing the following.

  1. Contact the VCGamers Team via WhatsApp Official with Click here.
  2. Attach email, transaction number (TRX), Crypto Wallet Address (Make sure there is a $VCG token list) in WhatsApp.
  3. The maximum time limit for claims is 5×24 hours after the order status is 'Completed'.
  4. VCGamers will process cashback $VCG, and you will receive a maximum of $VCG within 2×24 hours of submission.
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About $VCG Token

Tokens $VCG
VCG Token Roadmap

$VCG Token is a domestic digital crypto asset developed above social commerce platform which connects and enables gamers to be able to buy and sell game items to NFT assets.

$VCG Token can be cashed into money with a dynamic value.

You can buy and sell crypto assets on the available platforms. Among them is Indodax.

The money for selling crypto assets will be sent to your bank account.

Please note, crypto asset trading is a high-risk activity.

Thus, all decisions taken regarding this matter must be based on their own decisions.

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