Facts about Emot Batu on WhatsApp and their true meaning

Stone Emoji

Stone emotes may often be mistaken for tombstones because of their appearance. In fact, there are some people who understand that it is not a tombstone.

This time we will review what the stubborn emoji actually means. So that we don't misunderstand or misinterpret its meaning.

In addition, we can also be wiser when we want to use it to send to friends via social media.

So, currently there are some who claim that the stone head emoji represents death or grieving events.

While others argue that the stubborn emoji is nothing more than a way for WhatsApp users to show silliness.

So what exactly does the rock emoticon or rock head mean? Come on, read the reviews below to find out more.

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The True Meaning of Stone Emotes

Stone Emoji

The actual rock head emote shows the Moai statues of Easter Island in the Republic of Chile. The rock or rock head emoticon has a variety of possible meanings, according to Emoji Pedia. The rocky Moai emoji has the following definitions:

Understanding the History of Moai Statues

Stone Emoji

This brown or grayish emote has the appearance of a large rock. This monument attracts quite a strong cultural interpretation as it is often associated with the location of Moai historians. Many claim that the purpose of the stone head emotion is to honor the grandeur and privilege of these Moai statues.

The inhabitants of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, think that the Moai statues represent a valuable natural resource. For example, fresh water is one of the natural resources mentioned here.

The early Rapa Nui people created nearly 1,000 stone figures on Easter Island known as moai. Most of Easter Island is protected by Rapa Nui National Park, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

The giant's head was sculpted by the islanders years ago to represent the living ancestors of the Polynesians.

Full of Life Energy

Easter Islanders think that Moai statues are strategically placed around the island to attract good energy. Another way to interpret the meaning of this implacable emote is as a manifestation of the late chief's paranormal powers.

They think that the presence of this statue prompts the universe to shower them with blessings. None other than, to ensure that the source land is always fertile and produces an abundant harvest.

Firm Determination and Positivity

This rock head emoji is shaped like a human head and includes prominent eyebrows and nose. This stone face usually faces to the left.

There are those facing forward and to the right. The rock head emoticons on Instagram or WA often show full power. As a result, many people use this emoticon to convey tenacity, persistence, and never give up.

Absurd expression

Who would have thought that the meaning of this emote is often associated with silliness by someone. This absurd expression can also mean impatience or dislike of a situation.

Here are some of the absurd expressions one can glean from the rock emoji: “The boy next to me reeks of alcohol. God, please help me get through this class quickly.”

There are other common sayings, including "I'd rather not eat today than have rotten soybeans."

Unlike the Tombstone Emot

Stone heads and tombstones are definitely two different things. Mourning events or someone who has died are marked with a gray tombstone emoticon. Tombstone emoticons are usually used together with condolences on WA or Instagram.

Don't send the wrong emote, even though the colors are similar. Those are some of the different interpretations or interpretations of the stubborn emote that are often used when sending messages on WhatsApp or Instagram. Hopefully there are no more usage errors.

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How to make a rock head emote on WhatsApp

Stone Emoji
Rock Emoticon

After knowing the history and facts of the stone head emot, you'll want to know how how to make emotes this one so that it can be used on social media. Check out the following discussion.

  1. Search using Google, just type “emoji” or “rock emoji”
  2. Select a web page featuring the rock emoticon.
  3. Copy the rock emoticon and paste.
  4. As usual, drag or paste the rock emoticon.

It turns out that how to make this stone emote is quite easy to do. Come on, try it right away and share it with your friends on your social media.

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