Free Fire Event Ramadhan 2022: Skin Pet Falcon and Emerald Basher

FF Ramadhan event

At events Free Fire Ramadhan 2022 you can get various kinds of interesting and also cool prizes. One of them is Skin Pet Falcon and Skin Emerald Basher with a pretty cool appearance. Check this post for how to get it.

Garena has released a new calendar of Free Fire Ramadan events, with many of them starting within Free Fire on April 18 itself. Players are excited about the extensive list of activities they can take part in in the coming days to receive tons of freebies.

Fans of this game have been having fun for a few weeks before. The developer has introduced event after event, starting with the BTS collaboration. The First Battle Calendar follows this, and now they have launched a long list of Free Fire Ramadan events.

The latest event "Ramadan 2022" has been introduced today, namely April 18, 2022 in the game and players can claim all prizes from the event until May 8, 2022. The Emerald Basher skin is part of the Weekend Missions I event.

How to Get AK47 Emerald Power and Blooming Falco Skins

Both AK47 Emerald Power and Blooming Falco are available in separate events at Free Fire. The exact specifics to achieve it are outlined below:

Skin AK47 Emerald Power

The event to collect Ramadhan Tokens starts on April 18th and will be available until May 8th. However, the premium redemption shop featuring the AK47 Emerald Power has yet to start and will be available in the coming days.

Listed below are the requirements for exchanges attending the event:

  • Exchange 50 Ramadan Tokens for AK47 Emerald Power
  • Exchange 10 Ramadan Tokens with 1x Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiration date: 31 May)
  • Exchange 10 Ramadan Tokens for the Egg Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
  • Exchange 10 Ramadan Tokens for the Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate 
  • Exchange 5 Ramadan Tokens for 200x Universal Fragments 
  • Exchange 5 Ramadan Tokens for a Gold Royale Voucher

Once the event is available, here are the steps that players can follow to get prizes:

  1. Open Free Fire and visit the 'Event Free Fire Ramadhan 2022' section by clicking on the calendar icon.
  2. After that, gamers must tap on the 'Premium Store' option.
  3. Finally, you can press the 'Exchange' button next to the AK47 Emerald Power skin.

Blooming Falcon

Ramadan Free Fire Event

Blooming Falco will be awarded as part of the login event, and users will not need to complete any task other than claiming the skin for free between the specified dates.

Redemption will basically be accessible between May 3 and May 5, 2022, and here are the exact instructions on how you can redeem it:

  1. On the main lobby screen, tap the Ramadhan Free Fire Event icon
  2. Press the 'Login Reward' option on the left side of the screen.
  3. To conclude, tap on the 'Claim' button.

How to Get Emerald Basher and AK Skins 

When a new event is added to Free Fire, players in the community are usually very happy. A constant stream of events helps keep fans interested in the game and also offers lots of special prizes.

Content based on the Free Fire Ramadan event recently started filling the Indian server, and users can now reap the benefits by completing their respective missions.

Emerald Basher skins and weapon skins AK are two of the freebies that have caught the attention of fans. The details for getting it are provided below.

Emerald Basher

The Emerald Basher skin is part of the 'Weekend Mission 1' event that takes place from April 23 to April 24, 2022. During this time, you must complete tasks associated with various rewards. You will be able to receive the corresponding item after you complete it.

Here are the specifications for getting the Emerald Basher and other skins available on Free Fire events Ramadan:

  • Booyah three times in CS Mode: Emerald Basher
  • Grab the top three in BR mode: The Falconer Weapon Loot Crate
  • Play 40 minutes: Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Chests
  • Play 80 minutes: Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Chests

You can follow the steps below to get this cool skin; 

  1. Visit the 'Event Free Fire Ramadhan 2022' after opening Garena Free Fire.
  2. Tap the 'Weekend Mission' event.
  3. Press the 'Claim' button next to the Emerald Basher skin and other prizes.
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AK skins

Ramadan Free Fire Event
AK47 – Emerald Prowess

The AK skin, AK47 – Emerald Prowess, will be distributed to players in the Premium Exchange Store from April 30 to May 8. Individuals basically have to collect 50x 'Ramadan Tokens' to get weapon skins, and you can earn these tokens through initiated missions.

After the event starts, gamers can follow these steps to get the skin:

  1. To get started, press the 'Premium Store' event under the 'Free Fire Ramadhan 2022 Event' section.
  2. You then have to click on the 'Exchange' button next to the AK47 – Emerald Prowess weapon skin.
  3. You can then equip the skin via the 'Armory' section.

Free Fire MAX has introduced the in-game Ramadan 2022 event to celebrate the lucky month of Ramadan.

Events are starting to unravel and players can participate and complete missions to get various prizes as well. Let's see how players can get the Emerald Basher at the Ramadhan 2022 event.

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That's the way to get Skin Pet Falcon and Skin Emerald Basher at the Free Fire Ramadhan 2022 event.

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