Here's the 515 M-World 2022 Event Schedule, Get Free Skins!

Event 515 M-World

A new hero is set to appear during Event 515 M-World 2022. Here is the complete schedule of the 515 M-World 2022 event. Get lots of free skins and prizes!

You will go on an exciting journey to a modern city called M-World! Moonton announced a few days ago that there will be a comeback celebration of MLBB 515 this year.

The 515 M-World 2022 event will feature famous rap musicians in video form. Of course this is one thing that is very enjoyable for fans.

Fans can feast on two unique soundtracks, titled “We Better Than Me Rap Battleand a standalone remix of the Event 515 M-World theme song, which reflects the fun and joy when a team of five gets together, starring Gavin Magnus , Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, Monty Curly Head, Danielle Cohn, Eli Unique, Capri Everitt, and Angelic Montero. MLBB had never conducted a celebrity-driven commercial campaign in North America before.

On April 9, 2022, Gavin Magnus, Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, Curly Head Monty, Danielle Cohn, Eli Unique, Capri Everitt, and Angelic Montero produced a major remix of the year's 515 theme song.

Gavin Magnus, Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, and Curly Head Monty's second soundtrack will be released on April 23 (PST) via their respective Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok accounts, as well as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang North America's official social platforms.

The biggest celebration in gaming will feature new skins, exciting events, and lots of free items to win from April 12 to June 5, 2022. A new hero will also appear in the Land of Dawn, the fourth hero in the Forsaken Light series.

Here's everything you need to know about the 515 M-World 2022 event, including the event, new skins, and free gifts.

Web Browser Hero Event 515 M-World 2022

There are currently three individual event browsers for M-World 2022 Event 515 heroes, Wanwan, Ling, and, Yin. Each one will involve you completing tasks that will give you the opportunity to win permanent skins and other in-game prizes.

Open the event page on your cellphone, and you will see three heroes in the message tab, which is located on the left side of the screen. This event lasts until April 21, 2022.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 M-World is an annual event that values players' togetherness. From April 12 to May 23, gamers will be treated to various in-game activities and rewards. For this year's 515 M-World campaign, players can get new character skins including Wanwan, Ling, and Yin.

Wanwan, Ling, and Yin's skins are up for grabs during the 515 M-World event. Taking inspiration from Japanese anime and urban culture, the three of them don ninja gear to rule the Land of Dawn!

Three 515 M-World 2022 Event Skins Will Be Available for a Limited Time

Event 515 M-World
Skin 515 M-World

Three new skins will also be available at Event 515 M-World 2022 for a limited time during the event. In addition to the unique futuristic streetwear aesthetic, this skin features new skill, voice and voice effects. The first one released, M-World Wanwan, is now available in the in-game shop for 899 diamonds.

M-World Ling will be released on April 23, while M-World Yin will be available on April 30. All three will get 30 percent off for three weeks, and will only be in the in-game store until June 5. New Legendary skin, Psion of Tomorrow Guinevere will also be available soon.

515 Carnival Party Theme

Event 515 M-World

There will also be a popularity contest running from April 12 to April 27. During this event, you will be pitted against four other players. You can earn popularity points by completing tasks and asking friends for help.

The player with the highest popularity points at the end of each round will move on to the next round and will win promo diamonds and badges, which can be exchanged for various prizes such as skins, tickets or even more promo diamonds.

Promo diamonds will serve as a substitute for real in-game diamonds, and can be used to purchase anything in the in-game store. There will be a flash sale from April 28 to May 3, during which promo diamonds will be available for use.

Get free diamonds through the new popularity contest in MLBB. This is a 515 M-World 2022 event exclusive promotional diamond, which can be used as a normal diamond during the 515 Flash Sale which has heroes and skins up for grabs.

Enjoy a discount when you purchase one of the skins sold immediately in the Shop during the 515 Flash Sale (not including skins released in the last 3 months and free heroes and discounts for first time players).

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Julian, Scarlet Raven, Will Be Available For Free Soon

Event 515 M-World

Julian, the Scarlet Raven, is the fourth hero in the Forsaken Light series. He can be obtained for free during the event. All you have to do is log in from May 14th to May 15th to claim your free hero tokens. The exact mechanism has yet to be announced.

The theme for this year is “We Better Than Me,” reflecting the solidarity among all the players who have forged new and long-lasting friendships through play. Additional information can be found on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang social handle.

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You can remember the date and Schedule for the 515 M-World 2022 Event so you can get lots of prizes and free skins. How about it, have you been waiting for the 515 M-World 2022 Event?

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