5 Beginner FF Player Mistakes When You Want to Get a Headshot

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Mostly beginners in each battle royale games always making mistakes. Like novice FF players when they want to get a headshot from their opponent. They don't do it right, so they often miss. Is a friend of the Vicigers one of them?

Getting a headshot from your opponent in Free Fire is very challenging. While hip-fire mode is a viable option, it fails to provide high accuracy. While it's not impossible to land a headshot on an enemy, most players don't know how to do it and repeat the mistake frequently.

Meanwhile, some novice FF players may easily master shooting tricks. Meanwhile, other novice FF players use the wrong technique to do a headshot. However, by following a few tips, you can know what you're doing and get better at shooting headshots.

So, below we have made a summary of some of the most common mistakes beginners make in FF. 

Avoid This Mistake For You Beginner FF Players

Doing Rotation Dragging The Wrong Way


Rotation dragging or pulling the fire button is a difficult art to master. You usually rotate too fast, so the weapon will be pointing to the sky. Also sometimes you often do it too slowly, and the bullet will fall under the target's feet.

Knowing how to perfectly drag a rotation is the first step to landing a headshot on an enemy. Those of you who are novice FF players must fix this error first.

The most important thing to remember is drag speed. When the target is close, the drag speed must be maximum. When your target is far away, you have to drag and rotate slowly to get a headshot.

Not Using Scope When Shooting Mid to Long Range


Without a weapon equipped with a scope in Free Fire, shooting targets from a long distance is a difficult task. However, many novice FF players try to use the SMG without any scope at all and want to get an enemy headshot.

While what you are doing is a big mistake. You will never get a headshot from a distance without using a scope.

To be more accurate in long-range shots and get a headshot score, you must use a weapon that is equipped with a scope.

While learning how to master scope control will be challenging at first, it will be well worth the effort.

Attempting to Shoot Opponents Moving in Vehicles


Shooting an opponent in a moving vehicle is a very difficult task to do in Free Fire, a pro player rarely does this. Even when using the launcher, hitting a moving target would be difficult.

This will only result in wasted ammo. The best option is to avoid shooting opponents moving in vehicles.

Most novice FF players always try this and end up being killed by enemy players. Of course it's better if you shoot the enemy when they get off the vehicle.

Try to settle and hide and aim the scope right at their heads, you will definitely get a headshot.

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Not Adjusting to Appropriate Sensitivity Settings


The sensitivity setting may need to be adjusted to get a headshot. While the factory settings are relatively good, you may need to adjust them to your own liking. There are several pre-sets that you can try.

This mistake is probably most often made by novice FF players who are just playing. When you don't know which sensitivity setting suits your playing style.

Try to watch videos of gaming youtubers. From there you can get recommendations for sensitivity settings for the best headshots.

Beginner FF Players Often Move When Shooting


When you want to get a headshot, you won't be able to move and shoot. Accuracy is reduced, recoil is difficult to control, and the target will not take any damage from the shot. So, to get a headshot, stay still and focus on aiming at the enemy's head.

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Those were the 5 mistakes that novice FF players often make when they want to get a headshot from the enemy. It's not easy to get a headshot, especially at a considerable distance with unsupportive battlefield conditions. For you beginner FF players, avoid the mistakes we mentioned above and play properly.

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