How to Play Otho FF Characters, Use These Combo!

Otho FF

Garena Free Fire has several characters that can be used to fight in various modes. One of them is the Otho FF character that players often use lately.

Otho FF is one of the newest characters from the OB30 Free Fire update. Garena has added 2 new characters to Free Fire every update, and OB30 is the release of the character Otho.

The characters added are usually based on collaborations, the original Free Fire characters like Xayne or Shirou are still being created. To wait for these characters, Garena released Otho and Leon. In this article, we will provide several ways to use Otho FF and other important information. So, keep reading until the end of the page.

Otho FF Background & Design



Since Otho is not based on any real life character that we know of, his backstory is rather simple. He is actually one of the new characters added in the recent Free Fire E-comic.

In the game Free Fire, Otho is a memory technology engineer at a polytechnic university. This might be related to his special skill, Memory Mist.


Otho Free Fire design

Otho is wearing a black and white tracksuit, with sleeves and shoes covered in a red and green pattern. She also wears her hair in a ponytail. Overall, Otho FF's design is pretty good, but not as flashy as the regular Free Fire collab characters.

Combo Skills for Otho FF

With the Otho FF skill as a passive skill, you can combine it with almost all skills in Free Fire. However, to take advantage of Otho's short scanning period, you need to be close to the target.

Memory Mist can be considered as an alternative version of the Clu Skill which does not take up your active slot. Overall, there are 2 types of combos that can be used with Otho FF, namely mid-range attackers or melee hunters.

Combo Rusher With Otho


With this combo, you can do melee and personal attacks with SMGs or rifles and try to do as much damage as possible. Change target when Otho skill is triggered.

The best characters to combo with Otho with this playstyle are Hayato, Shirou, Kelly and Jota. Their skills are very good in close combat, especially Jota, after the update in OB29.

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Attacker Combo With Otho


Other characters in Free Fire will become game changers in 4 vs 4 battles. As an attacker, when you defeat the enemy, your team will get some information to attack.

Just don't choose Otho's skill with Clu to avoid overlapping between the two. The best skills to use with Otho attackers are Dasha, Jai, Thiva, Hayato.

Best Weapon Combo For Otho 

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Otho's skills are quite versatile and can be used with melee to medium ranged weapons. Avoid using his skill in using a long-range sniper rifle, because you won't be able to use the weapon properly when using skills from Otho FF.

In general, for rushing builds, the best weapons to combo with Otho FF are the MP40 and Vector Akimbo, the deadliest SMGs in Free Fire. For mid-range builds, any sniper rifle or DMR will suffice.

Overall, Otho's Memory Mist is quite useful in Clash Squad mode, where you can put it to good use. After getting the kill, you should be able to find all the enemies around the location for a short time, allowing your team to come in and attack.

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That's how to use the Otho FF character by combining some of the combos above. Basically, when enemy players are hiding around you, you can find out with Otho FF's skills.

Use the best character combos as we mentioned above, as well as weapon combos to get the best skills from Otho FF. Which combo is right for you?

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