10+ Download Livery BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu 2023!

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The players Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) I'm sure you've heard it often Livery BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu, right?

Besides, who hasn't played this bus simulator game? Indeed, this game is quite popular in Indonesia because the Livery design is very cute and cool.

Of course, you can also use this livery when playing with the bus and of course this livery can also make your bus even more attractive!

Actually, there are various kinds of livery that are very unique and of course you can also design it yourself.

One livery that is quite liked by the players is Sugeng Rahayu. Sugeng Rahayu is one of the liveries provided by Bus Simulator Indonesia for players.

However, there are also several other liveries such as for example PO Haryanto, Beautiful Rosalia and many more.

But in this article we will provide the Sugeng Rahayu Indonesian Bus Simulator livery with a unique and attractive design to use.

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Livery BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu

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BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu (Source: ByTrendz.ID)

For those who don't know, the Sugeng Rahayu Bus is a fleet of buses originating from the Sumber Group company from Sidoarjo Regency, East Java.

The Sugeng Rahayu Bus has two different services for its passengers, namely the Regular AC Bus and the Patas Bus.

Both have different colors, such as the Regular AC Bus which is gray with a blue-red dolphin design.

Meanwhile, the Patas Bus itself is colored with mountain and star motifs, where the Patas Bus is a Premium Bus from Sugeng Rahayu.

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Download link Livery BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu

sugeng rahayu bussid livery (3)
BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu (Source: Hobigame Indonesia)

According to Kazu.co.id & sengtekno.com, below is a collection of BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu livery that you can download and use. Just download it below, OK!

  1. Sugeng Rahayu Qanesha AKAP Lumba V1 HD: Downloads Here.
  2. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 2 AKAP Lumba Biru V2 SDD: Downloads Here.
  3. Sugeng Rahayu Rengganis AKAP Lumba Abu V3 HD: Downloads Here.
  4. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3+ PATAS AKAP Lumba Abu V4 SDD: Downloads Here.
  5. Sugeng Rahayu Remek 87 Legacy Lumba Putih V5 SDD: Downloads Here.
  6. Sugeng Rahayu PATAS HD Executive Class: Downloads Here.
  7. Sugeng Rahayu PATAS AKAP Golden Star V2 XHD: Downloads Here.
  8. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3+ Golden Star RN 285 AKAP V3 SHD: Downloads Here.
  9. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3+ Golden Star Premium Coach AKAP V4 SHD: Downloads Here.
  10. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 2++ Golden Star Luxury Class V5 SDD: Downloads Here.
  11. Sugeng Rahayu Golden Star Fast AKAP V6 UHD Standard Design: Downloads Here.
  12. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3 AKAP Air Suspension V1 SHD: Downloads Here.
  13. Sugeng Rahayu ZET AKAP Prime Economy Class XHD V2: Downloads Here.
  14. Sugeng Rahayu Patas Trendy AKAP V1 XHD: Downloads Here.
  15. Sugeng Rahayu New 7104 HD: Downloads Here.
  16. Sugeng Rahayu AC Ganesha HD Regular Rate: Downloads Here.
  17. Sugeng Rahayu Patas Legacy HD: Downloads Here.
  18. Sugeng Rahayu Patas Voyager HD: Downloads Here.
  19. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3 Original SHD: Downloads Here.
  20. Sugeng Rahayu Jetbus 3 Premium SHD: Downloads Here.
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How to Install Livery

sugeng rahayu bussid livery (4)
BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu (Source: stkipmktb)

The following is how to install the BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu livery, namely:

  • Downloads Livery BUSSID Sugeng Rahayu.
  • Open FileManager.
  • Move the folder or file to Folder “BUSSID”. 
  • Open games Indonesian Bus Simulator (BUSSID). 
  • Select a menu Garage.
  • Later it will Displaying a number of Livery.
  • Choose Livery File.
  • Click File Manager BUSSID. 
  • Click Pictures.
  • Click options BUSSID.
  • Select Livery from Sugeng Rahayu what you want Use.
  • Select files PNG Livery for you to use.
  • Click Open.
  • Done and Livery succeed Worn.
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So, those are some BUSSID liveries Sugeng Rahayu which you can use when playing Bus Simulator Indonesia.

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