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You play a lot BUSSID during free time? And of course, you often search BUSSID livery cool for you to use for your bus right?

So that your Bus becomes cool and unique, you can play it using Livery for your Bus.

You can apply and use the Livery, there are lots of skins that you can modify according to your wishes.

Of the various variants of the Livery skin, of course it is very interesting to use. For you anime lovers, maybe some of these Livery are right for you.

In this article, we will share some cool BUSSID Livery anime versions, you can choose whatever you like!

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Cool BUSSID Livery

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Skin Livery – Agam Tunggal Jaya (Source: Trendtech)

Livery is the origin of the word from English which means pattern. This can be said to be an identifying design such as a uniform, symbol, badge, ornament that is shown as an ownership of an individual or vehicle.

In the game BUSSID or Bus Simulator Indonesia, it is famous for its skins or designs used for vehicle visuals which make it very unique.

By using this Livery, you really feel cool for someone and you can also feel the vibes of being a real bus driver.

Also note, this Livery can be used for all Bus simulation games, you know! The design choices for this Livery have been widely used, including cartoons or anime.

It really suits you, with cartoon or anime designs that can be used as recommendations and ideas for your Livery to make it look unique. You can find your favorite anime Livery!

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Anime Livery Recommendations

For those of you who want to use the BUSSID kerd Livery, you can use the anime Livery. Anyway, it's perfect for you to use to make it look cool.

Reporting from, there are 5 recommendations for Livery BUSSID anime which we think are good. What do you think?

Tokyo Revengers

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Skin Livery – Tokyo Revengers (Source: Javasiana)

Tokyo Revengers is an anime film with a legendary live-action concept that tells the life journey of a person, Hanagaki Takemichi.

This anime is quite popular, because many characters have attractive visuals, including the main character.

That way, Livery with the Tokyo Revengers concept is one of the ideas that you can make a cool BUSSID Livery.

Downloads here.


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Skin Livery – Naruto (Source: Javasiana)

One anime that has been popular for a long time is Naruto. Naruto has a lot of fans almost all over the world, even in Indonesia.

Are you a Naruto fan too? very fitting, you can design a BUSSID Livery with the Naruto theme.

In this cool BUSSID Livery, you can provide Naruto's unique elements, such as the main character to his signature colors, namely Orange and Black so that he can give a unique Naruto impression.

Downloads here

One Piece

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Skin Livery – One Piece (Source: Javasiana)

One of the other popular anime is One Piece. surely you are one of his fans, right? Especially those who like Monkey D. Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist. Surely for you as a fan, you really want to collect everything about Luffy.

You can also apply Monkey D. Luffy as this BUSSID Livery design. With the modification of Monkey D. Luffy's distinctive colors, namely black and red, this can be a cool One Piece design.

Downloads here

Komi San

Skin Livery – Komi San (Source: Javasiana)

For those of you who like Komi San, you must also be a fan of a character named Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku has very cute visuals with very long hair. This character is quite popular among Komi Miku fans.

Of course, Miku can be used as a cool BUSSID Livery design idea that is very eye-catching with this Miku.

Downloads here

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
Skin Livery – Genshin Impact (Source:

So, who likes to play this gacha game? Genshin Impact is indeed quite popular, especially in Indonesia.

You can make cute and adorable Genshin Impact characters as design ideas for this cool BUSSID Livery to attract attention.

Downloads here

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So, those are the five cool BUSSID Livery that you can use. Which one will you use?

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