10 Latest BUSSID Maps for 2023, Even More Exciting!

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You must have played the game a lot Indonesian Bus Simulator or better known as BUSSID, because in this game you can play buses, trucks, motorbikes, car also and apart from that there are many BUSSID Nusantara maps available here.

Players can create other mods for each vehicle. Apart from that, to add to the excitement, you can create a map that you can use later too.

As we know, this game is made in Indonesia, so there are lots of vehicles and maps with Indonesian themes, you know!

Therefore, there are lots of players who really want to experience traveling around Indonesia by local buses from Indonesia. So, in this article, you can get the BUSSID map for fun tours.

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BUSSID folder

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Map of Bus Simulator Indonesia (Source: Primaradio)

As previously mentioned, in this game you can play any type of vehicle using routes to add to the excitement of playing.

The BUSSID map is a mod in the form of maps, paths or routes available in Bus Simulator Indonesia. Surely you have often experienced or passed routes that turn sharply or straight routes where we often encounter them while on tour or going home during Eid.

In the BUSSID mod, there are many types of routes available which are typical of the archipelago, such as turning roads, straight roads, to routes in Indonesian regions.

With the presence of various routes on BUSSID, you don't feel bored when playing this game because you can change the map as you like.

But before you play it, you need to download and install it before you use it. Later, you choose the route that is located just right so that it will be easier for you to use it.

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Download the BUSSID Archipelago Map

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BUSSID Route (Source: BUSSID Mod)

BUSSID players are looking for a map of the Archipelago, but apart from that they are also looking for routes that really refer to adrenaline, such as roads with sharp turns.

With this, of course you will feel at home playing it until you forget the time because you are too engrossed in playing this BUSSID.

Launching from various sources, here are several routes that you can download and install, OK?

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How to Install the BUSSID Map

muddy road bussid map mod (3)
Muddy Road (Source: The Last Survivor)

Don't worry, we will also share how to install this BUSSID map on your smartphone. Follow the steps, OK!

  1. You have to Downloads Mod the BUSSID Map first.
  2. After downloading, you can go to FileManager.
  3. Extract Files in the form of the ZIP/RAR Mod.
  4. Move to a file to the internal storage folder BUSSID > Mod.
  5. Click menus Mods.
  6. Click Map.
  7. Select Folders which you will use.
  8. Ready play.
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So, those are some of the BUSSID mod maps that you can use to challenge yourself while traveling around the Indonesian archipelago to make it even more exciting.

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