10+ Mods and Livery for the Beautiful Rosalia Bus Game 2023, let's download it!

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For those of you who have played games a lot BUSSID, you must already be familiar with all types of buses, for example Rosalia Indah which is quite popular.

Now, regarding the Rosalia Indah bus, it is indeed very much used by the players because the design is indeed made as closely as possible to the original one.

Therefore, lots of mods and livery from various types of buses, especially Rosalia Indah which are circulating on the internet so you can download them for the purposes of beautifying your mod design.

Perfect for those of you who are looking for the Rosalia Indah bus mod & livery, you will find it in this article.

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Overview of the Rosalia Indah Bus Game

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Rosalia Indah Bus (Source: BUSSID Mod)

Surely you already know about one of the intercity buses in Indonesia. According to techno, Rosalia Indah is a bus company with the name PT. Rosalia Indah Transport which was founded by Yustinus Soeroso and Yustina Rahuni Soeroso in 1983 with the name 'Rosalia' taken from their daughter's name.

Rosalia has formed a business that serves inter-city – inter-provincial or known as AKAP.

Rosalia Indah provides transportation services to the Sumatra area such as delivering to Palur, Central Java, Karanganyar, Central Java - Indonesia. In addition, Rosalia Indah provides transportation services for tourism for companies or organizations that wish to carry out tours between cities or between provinces.

The Rosalia Indah bus game is a bus simulator game that is designed exactly like the Rosalia Indah bus that we often see on the highway.

In this game, there is a feature that allows you to control the bus at very high speeds, presents tracks full of challenges and here also presents a collection of dangdut music that can enliven you when you are driving.

Reporting from apkcombo, this is the Rosalia Indah bus game that you can download and play!

Download here.

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Rosalia Indah Mod and Livery Recommendations

beautiful rosalia bus game (4)
Rosalia Indah Bus (Source: Youtube)

The Rosalia Indah bus design is very unique, you can use it to make it look even cooler with various models. Launching from various sources, you can download it below.

Beautiful Rosalia Bus Mod

Livery Bus Rosalia Indah

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So, those are the mod and livery recommendations from the Rosalia Indah bus game. Use all of them to make it even cooler! Which one will you use?

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