This is how the FF x BTS design looks, there's also a special skin

FF x BTS design

Free Fire will have a collaboration with a well-known Korean boy band, namely BTS and has introduced the FF x BTS design.

Garena Free Fire or Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games with the Battle Royale genre globally, including in Indonesia.

Garena, as the developer of this game, seems to spoil its players quite often with interesting things, one of which is collaboration.

Collaboration events seem to be one of the most frequently used ways to attract players' attention and attract more players.

As you know, Free Fire has a lot of connections collaboration with various parties, starting from collaborations with films, anime, famous figures, and others.

For example, at the beginning of March 2022, this game made by Garena also collaborated with the title FF x Assassin's Creed.

Recently, Free Fire has officially announced that it will collaborate with the famous boy band from Korea, namely BTS with the name FF x BTS collaboration.

This news is definitely good news for both players and ARMYs because they can experience playing with BTS characters in the game.

To add to the excitement of this collaboration, Free Fire via their Instagram account has introduced the FF x BTS design display including BTS personnel.

Apart from that, this FF x BTS collaboration of course presents events and missions with very attractive prizes. 

For this reason, we will provide a review of the appearance of the FF x BTS design and the special BTS skins that you can get by following the mission.

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FF x BTS Design Display

In this collaboration, all 7 BTS personnel took part in designing the appearance of the FF x BTS Bundle design which makes it feel special.

Jungkook Bundle Design

FF x BTS design
FF x BTS Jungkook

Jungkook, who is the vocalist and main dancer of BTS, gives his Bundle the dominant purple color typical of BTS. He also uses a black mask with effects on both hands and a knife in his pocket making it even cooler.

Bundle V Design

FF x BTS design

Unlike before, V actually designed his Bundle to be a bit scary with the domination of green and quite spooky make-up. His left hand emits a red effect which definitely adds to the ferocity of this character.

Suga Bundle Design

FF x BTS design
FF x BTS Suga

Suga designed his Bundle by giving it a cool blue color and BTS writing on the front of his shirt. He also wears a black mask with the addition of a blue lightning effect on his mask.

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Genie Bundle Design

FF x BTS design
FF x BTS Jin

Jin seems to give a cute impression that is different from the other designs because his entire shirt is pink with the “love” logo on the chest.

J-Hope Bundle Design

FF x BTS design
FF x BTS J-Hope

This design might be one of the coolest where J-Hope gives the impression of twinkling gray on his costume. Besides that, the cool hair makeup that towers certainly depicts J-Hope's figure as a famous idol.

Jimin Bundle Design

FF x BTS design
FF x BTS Jimin

Jimin's design is quite simple and different because he only wears a yellow gold chain on his chest. In addition, there was the effect of flames coming out of his left arm.

RM Bundle Design

FF x BTS design

RM is no less cool in designing his Bundle by presenting a beach atmosphere with blue shorts. Unlike the others, the effect that came out of his hand resembled water.

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Get the BTS True Charm Loot Box Special Skin

FF x BTS design
True Charm LootBox – FF x BTS

Besides being able to get cool Bundles, each of which was designed directly by BTS personnel, you can also get special Skins in this collaboration.

This BTS special skin is called True Charm Loot Box which you can get by participating in the missions in this free Gen FF event.

True Charm Loot Box has a top dress design like a stage costume with a black and white color combination and a twinkling effect. In addition, there is also a bow tie with the logo from BTS.

Even though this Gen FF event is free, you still can't miss it because you can get attractive prizes including special BTS skins that have cool designs.

The way to get the True Charm Loot Box at the Gen FF event is quite easy and simple. You will have to occupy the top 10 positions while in Battle Royale mode with a certain amount during this event.

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The Gen FF event takes place from March 28 to April 6 2022. Apart from getting the True Charm Loot Box, here are several other prizes that you can get.

2 times in the top 10: 2x Gold Royale Vouchers

Top 10 4 times: 300x Universal Fragment

Top 10 6 times: True Charm Loot Box

So, that's an overview of the cool FF x BTS designs from each member of this Korean boy band. In addition, there are various interesting events and missions from this collaboration with prizes that are no less interesting.

If Vicigers is a Free Fire player and also an Army, of course you really have to take part in the event, don't miss it. Come on hurry up login to your account right now.

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