Top Weapon Combo To Use in Clash Squad FF 2022

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Clash Squad FF 2022 is a very competitive mode in Free Fire MAX. To win, you have to buy the right combination of weapons.

Clash Squad FF mode is a completely different game compared to Classic BR mode. In this mode, 2 squads of 4 members each will fight against each other in a best of 7 series to find out the winner. Players cannot loot weapons, they must buy them from the shop.

In this article, VCGamers will show you some of the top weapon combos to use in Clash Squad FF 2022.

Clash Squad FF Weapon List

Clash Squad FF is the desired and sought after mode in Free Fire. CS ranked is an arcade mode where players can push rank on the tier according to what they want to achieve.

Since Clash Squad mode is a minimap, short, intense battles are typical matches. Generally, short range, the dominant weapon is used, which increases the intensity of the mode.

This fast and fast mode requires the best choice of weapons, and this article lists some of the best weapon combinations in Free Fire for Clash Squad mode in March 2021.

FAMAS + Thompsons

Clash Squad FF

FAMAS is a much more difficult weapon to use than the other weapons on this list, however, its extreme accuracy and long range can greatly assist players in hitting headshots. It costs the same amount of money as the AN94, at 1200 diamonds.

Thompson is an alternative choice to the MP5. This has a slightly higher output but is more difficult to handle due to the lower range. The best feature of this weapon is its low price, of course, you only need 1400 diamonds to get this weapon.


Clash Squad FF

UMP + M1014 is one of the easiest and most effective combos for new players to pick up, because UMP and M1014 are as easy as they come. Overall, the UMP has decent mid-range damage, along with a bit of counter for armored targets.

The M1014 is especially lethal in this mode, with most players without armor or helmets from the start. You can score a quick kill with one or two shots fairly easily at close range.

The downside of this combination is its effective range, you have to move smartly and get close to the enemy.


Clash Squad FF

In this mode, fights often take place at close to medium ranges, the MP5 is a decent choice if you're on a budget.

This is the cheapest SMG in the shop at 1300 diamonds with a pretty good rate of fire, damage and reload speed. Just don't bother trying to shoot with the MP5, as the gun has pretty poor range.

SCAR is one of the best ARs in Free Fire for mid-range combat. The stats are perfectly balanced. Specifically, damage point, range, fire rate, and movement speed range from 53 to 62. There aren't any outstanding features, but all the features required are high enough for quick kills.


Clash Squad FF

Even though AK is not nearly as powerful in this mode compared to normal battle royale, its high damage per shot is still something that cannot be ignored.

While the item is quite expensive to get, at 1700 diamonds, it's still a good alternative to the M1887 (if you're not confident with getting up close and personal).

The MAG-7 is a decent cover weapon, with the same power as the M1014 in close combat.

You can shoot one or two players easily with high damage. However, due to its slightly higher range, you can also use the MAG-7 as a finishing weapon when the situation arises.

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M1014 + MP40

Clash Squad FF

As previously mentioned, ranked CS mode is a type of intense and short-range matches in Free Fire. Therefore, the weapons needed for this mode must dominate at close range.

The M1014 and MP40 are the two best options available in this regard. The M1014's extreme damage (94) and excellent mobility of 60 will certainly help players knock down enemies in one fatal blow.

In addition to the MP40's high rate of fire, this weapon combo is unbeatable in Clash Squad mode.

Desert Eagle + MP40

This weapon combo in Free Fire is very useful in the early rounds of Clash Squad when players don't have many weapons open. They can use this combo of primary and secondary weapons to kill enemies effectively.

At close range, the Desert Eagle can take down enemies in a few shots, and the MP40 is always strong, with high fire rate and great movement speed, in this short map. Apart from MP40, this combo can definitely take down multiple opponents at once.

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So, those were some of the top weapon combinations that you can use in Clash Squad FF mode in 2022. Which one will be your choice?

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