ML's Cool Names Can't Be Matched, Makes You Even Cooler!


The players look more confident by using the cool ML names they use when they play Mobile Legends this.

By using a cool name on strongest hero you in Mobile Legends, accompanied by the name of the strongest hero you use can help you achieve win streaks.

To achieve win streaks, you can give it a name to your hero role and you can accompany it with builds, items, skills that are suitable for your hero.

In a way, this is a very good strategy when playing Mobile Legends.

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ML Cool Names

cool name mr
Mobile Legends

How important an ML name is for a hero. Therefore, it is very good to determine a name for your hero.

This can be used for all types of matches or even MVP, you know! Using this will definitely look cool.

So, this time we will provide some recommendations regarding cool Mobile Legends names that you can use to make you more confident. Check out this article to the end, ok!

  1. Anatha
  2. Xavier
  3. Rachell
  4. Mora
  5. Arlyna
  6. Erzabell
  7. Gheazora
  8. Steve
  9. Hansel
  10. Nathanael
  11. Glarenth
  12. Zeyn
  13. Lavxer
  14. Lucer
  15. Queenkyle
  16. Axelyn
  17. Weasleys
  18. Ginny
  19. Zemora
  20. Alyndra
  21. Bylira
  22. Cyella
  23. Gabriella
  24. Alleta
  25. Varelli
  26. Claazøra
  27. Mìkesha
  28. Lionard
  29. danendra
  30. Harelyna
  31. Jecynda
  32. Queenby
  33. Jevariny
  34. Queena
  35. Weasly
  36. Xauyra
  37. Xeichyl
  38. Xavier
  39. Axiera
  40. Ravendra.
  41. Lexxa
  42. Alfaleria
  43. Zevallo
  44. Kenzie
  45. Letra
  46. Elleora
  47. Schirge
  48. Celyna
  49. Sierra
  50. Aqilla
  51. Annendra
  52. Dixie
  53. Dixey
  54. Mevousa
  55. Vellyna
  56. victorian
  57. Venus
  58. Skye
  59. Renjunie
  60. Smith
  61. Carles
  62. Charlie
  63. Carl
  64. Salazar
  65. Demberrain
  66. James
  67. Ramose
  68. Christopher
  69. Jeanne
  70. monterlo
  71. Ramos
  72. Bryanie
  73. Ken
  74. Kiel
  75. Laventez
  76. Kyle
  77. Asedouses
  78. Zeppa
  79. Cid
  80. Almara
  81. Azelvin
  82. Derovano
  83. Gerald
  84. Markies
  85. Zuarenz
  86. Alvareiz
  87. Geraldio
  88. Marc
  89. Ravengga
  90. Railos
  91. Areno
  92. Arion
  93. Rafaelo
  94. Arsenic
  95. Marvelous
  96. Neanderthals
  97. Melino
  98. Jackson
  99. farrelino
  100. Reyza
  101. Geano
  102. Ravinda
  103. Jefran
  104. Alexander
  105. Gramantha
  106. Zevallo
  107. Devan
  108. Refanda
  109. Fano
  110. Ravennzy
  111. Nathaniel
  112. Aldrick
  113. Derovana
  114. Zergip
  115. Violette
  116. Kenzo
  117. Vano
  118. seb
  119. Victor
  120. Dicaprio
  121. Reyes
  122. Atmosvier
  123. Aldebaran
  124. Darren
  125. Dylab
  126. Geano
  127. Jefran
  128. Ravindra
  129. Aldiano
  130. Zevallo
  131. Devan
  132. Zergio
  133. Ravennzy
  134. Fano
  135. Oliver
  136. Sicheng
  137. Solaria
  138. Alphaea
  139. Althea
  140. Dealova
  141. Valderrkn
  142. Venezuela
  143. Xarea
  144. Holders
  145. Althanius
  146. Quiester
  147. Xavier
  148. Zealove
  149. Quiester
  150. Rose
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Tips for Choosing Cool ML Names

ML Cool Names (3)
Mobile Legends (Source: iNews)

There are several ways to determine cool ML names. Here are some tips for choosing cool ML names that you can follow.

Using Real Name

Of course, to make a cool ML name, you can also use your real name or you can also use a nickname.

The real name will benefit you when you can play the game better.

Using Foreign Languages

You can make Mobile Legends names using foreign languages to make them look cooler.

In addition, the foreign language can be added with something that is close to you.

The initial stage is that you need to find a pretty cool Indonesian term, then translate it into a foreign language. It's definitely very cool.

Use Favorite Fictional Character Names

To make a cool name in the Mobile Legends game, you can also use the name of your favorite character or figures in games, books, movies or dramas.

You can also make the name more unique by modifying the name.

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So, those are some recommendations for cool ML names that you can use when playing the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, using the name above can make you cooler and more confident in the game.

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