Comparison Between DJ Alok, Shimada Hayato And Jai At Free Fire

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Here, we will discuss the comparison of skills and also the benefits of the battle between DJ Alok, Shimada Hayato and Jai in the game Free Fire.

You can get characters in Free Fire by taking part in season events, using in-game gold or premium diamonds. Of course, good deals are often made with the latter.

In an effort to add more people to the player base, Free Fire has launched many characters, with each having unique abilities that are different from the others.

Some help players indirectly through passive skills and meanwhile some give you small buffs during matches.

You can get characters in games like that by using not only gold but also premium diamonds. Of course, good deals are often found with the latter. Since you have many choices, here are three characters that can be purchased with great fame in Free Fire.

Comparison of DJ Alok, Hayato And Jai

Garena Free Fire has a very large pool of characters, with each of them providing special active or passive abilities that help players in the game and give them small buffs. Most characters have passive skills, indirectly affecting players during matches.

Below is a comparison between the three characters that are very popular so far. They are very often picked by FF pro players.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok
DJ Alok

It is safe to claim that the first place should belong to DJ Alok as everyone cannot help but pay attention to this Brazilian character.

Its active ability, namely Drop the Beat, really fulfills competitive gameplay. When activated, this skill releases 5 meters of aura to increase DJ Alok's own and other teammates' movement and running speed, in addition to health recovery.

In short, Alok is perfect for those who like the role of “support” whether in public matches or professional tournaments.

Your aggressiveness will also have the opportunity to earn some frags by not having to maintain your HP bar too often. That's what makes DJ Alok a versatile choice for all Free Fire players.

Alok played a very vital role in the match, helping to increase his popularity. His support-type playstyle also allows many aggressive gamers to gain in-game frags without worrying too much about their HP, which in turn makes him a must-have in high-level matches. He can be brought in the game using diamonds.


DJ Alok

Hrithik Roshan, a legendary Bollywood actor, has garnered a lot of attention among the Free Fire community ever since “Jai” was first introduced to them.

Frankly speaking, the newcomer to the list of Free Fire characters is based on famous actors and offers a special ability called Raging Reload, which makes the player's weapon ammo refill to a certain extent right after he defeats the enemy.

Players with an aggressive playstyle seem to be the best owners of Jai, considering that Jai can help them destroy their enemies in the blink of an eye. For a while Jai was present at a FF event a few years back.

He can be a very strong choice for aggressive players, and when used properly, Jai can also destroy enemy back lines. The Indian Free Fire community is a big fan of this character, and because of that, he is one of the most popular characters at the moment.

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DJ Alok

Fans of Japanese culture and the spirit of Samurai are going crazy for Shimada Hayato, a famous character in Free Fire. His powerful skill called Bushido allows players to destroy enemy armor when they are running low on health, casting gloomy shadows across the map.

Its popularity arises from the players who play it during matches, and the fans' in-game knowledge, which can be found on the Free Fire website. If you want to get Hayato, you can go to the in-game shop and buy a character in the normal way.

This list is based on the character's ability preferences. A character that may rank higher on one person's list may be lower on another, and vice versa.

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Above is a comparison of skills between DJ Alok, Hayato and also Jai in the Free Fire game. You can decide which one is better according to your own playing style.

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