Best FF Weapon Combinations for Push Rank

ff weapon combinations

Free Fire has a large collection of weapons, allowing players to freely choose their own play style and combination of FF weapons for push rank. 

Even though the game is fairly well balanced, there are certain ff weapon combinations that will give you an edge over other players. Having a good combination of ff weapons will increase the win rate in duels and help you get more Booyah.

Therefore, gamers who are interested in getting better at the game and want to increase their rating are advised to create ff weapon combinations the right one to emerge victorious and get Booyah.

However, the wide range of weapons might confuse them, leaving them wondering which would be the best choice.

List of the Best FF Weapon Combinations

Here are the 3 best FF weapon combinations that you can use to push rank, definitely easy Booyah!


ff weapon combinations
MP5's best weapon

SCAR is one of the most versatile weapons in Free Fire MAX. It has good damage, fire rate, and range. Players can also attach lots of different attachments to increase the efficiency of the weapon. For this reason, SCAR can assist in dealing with enemies in medium and long range combat.

MP5, on the other hand, is a great weapon in close combat. This is great for when you need to rush an enemy through a building.

SCAR is one of the best ARs in Free Fire MAX, and is quite balanced compared to other firearms in its category. Users can use it efficiently from medium ranges to take down enemies and can also mount suitable scopes to compete in long range combat.

On the other hand, MP5 will be very important for players in close combat where SCAR will be ineffective. You might use it when attacking opponents in buildings or when rushing.

Woodpecker + M1887

ff weapon combinations
use m1887 for push rank

Woodpecker is famous for its lethal damage, armor penetration, and accuracy. This sniper rifle can easily take down players from far away in just a few shots.

It also comes with a default 8x scope. However, this weapon is almost useless in close combat. That's why you need to use it with M1887.

Shotgun M1887 is the best shotgun in Free Fire because it can easily blow up players with 2 shots. However, the magazine also only holds 2 rounds so a missed shot can put her in a bad position.

The M1887 deals the most significant damage of any weapon in Free Fire MAX, and is best used at close range to incapacitate enemies in one shot. However, due to the magazine size being only 2, missing shots can put gamers in a tailspin.

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AWM + MP40

ff weapon combinations
MP40 is the best ff melee weapon

AWM + MP40 is another ff weapon combination with a powerful sniper and a powerful melee weapon. AWM is the king of sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX.

It is the favorite weapon of many skilled marksman players because of its power. Meanwhile, MP40 is the strongest SMG in Free Fire with an insane rate of fire. At close range, the MP40 can destroy enemies in seconds.

AWM is considered the best Sniper Rifle in Free Fire MAX and is deadly in the hands of a skilled user. Those who like sniping will enjoy using AWM on the battlefield as they can get kills quickly.

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Meanwhile, the MP40 will be an important component of this combo as the AWM cannot be used at close range, and players may be caught off guard. As a result, with this special SMG, they will be able to fight inside buildings and at close range.

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