The 5 Most Effective FF Max Weapon Combinations for May 2022

There are some of the best and most painful combinations of FF Max weapons to use in intense matches. The following is a list.
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The following are the top FF Max weapon combinations for the May 2022 edition that will make Vicigers Booyah friends easily in this battle royale game.

Free Fire MAX has a huge arsenal of weapons and all kinds of weapons. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. If a weapon is very good for ranged combat, it likely won't do well in close combat.

A good combination of FF Max weapons will help minimize weapon weaknesses to deal with all situations in the game. Here are the 5 best FF Max weapon combinations for the May 2022 Edition.

List of the Most Painful FF Max Weapon Combinations

Mastering the controls in Free Fire will allow players to become experts in the game. However, without the right weapon, all of that will be meaningless. Knowing which weapon is good in a given situation will make all the difference.

There are possibly dozens of FF Max weapon combinations to choose from in the game. However, some really stand out for being overpowered and offering players a versatile playstyle.


FF Max Weapon Combinations

MAC 10 is one of the newest SMGs in Free Fire with a high rate of fire. The gun is optimized for close combat. Meanwhile, AUG is a balanced assault rifle that is suitable for all combat situations so it can support MAC 10.

P90 + M14

FF Max Weapon Combinations

P90 is another strong SMG in Free Fire MAX. It has a high rate of fire and a great magazine size to deal with nearby enemies. The M14 on the other hand is great in long range situations to match the range of the P90.

This combination offers the perfect balance for close combat in Free Fire. The P90 is by far the best pistol in its class. It provides armor penetration and can support all weapon attachments.

When paired with the M14 assault rifle, players will face off against enemies at the most range. While the magazine size is a bit low, those with high accuracy won't find it a problem.

MP40 + M82B

FF Max Weapon Combinations

MP40 is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game due to its insane shooting speed, but it is sorely lacking in range. That's why you'll need a powerful marksman like the M82B to take on enemies from afar.

M82B has one of the best stats in the game and has a lot of special abilities too. Sniper rifles are usually damage loaded but this weapon has a good mix of accuracy and has an 8 bullet magazine.

One of the advantages of this weapon is that it can penetrate vehicles and ice walls. Therefore, you can use this weapon as an offensive tool for enemies who prefer to hide behind gloo walls.

Use this sniper to break the gloo wall. He is the specialty of this weapon. Therefore, use this special ability to break ice walls and rush enemies to catch them by surprise. This is a great way to look for kills in the game.

The M82B is a process for eliminating sniper 'reload time'. To carry out this process, you must have two sniper rifles and as soon as you shoot the first bullet; you need to change the next sniper following that shot with another sniper shot. This process improves accuracy significantly.

Dual M1887

FF Max Weapon Combinations

Double setting M1887 is a special arrangement for people who like rush. M1887 itself is a very powerful weapon that can blow up enemies quickly but only has 2 bullets.

So if the enemy survives the first 2 shots, you can take out another M1887 to finish him off instead of reloading.

M1887 is, no doubt, the best Shotgun in Garena Free Fire. On paper, it does 100 damage, which is a lot. It has a decent rate of fire combined with a high reload speed.

However, amateur players may not be able to take full advantage of this weapon as the drawback is that it only has two shells in its chamber.

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FF Max Weapon Combinations

SCAR is a well-balanced attack that new players love. You can combine it with the SVD to create a very powerful camping setup and eliminate enemies from a safe distance.

When it comes to long-range semi-automatic fire, the SCAR weapon is second to none. It can be equipped with all attachments and excels at hitting targets at long distances. While SVD is better, finding it during a game is pretty much impossible for most players.

Given SCAR's range most players will tend to keep their distance when shooting. To complement this playstyle, the M500 pistol is the perfect gun to have. It features a 2x scope which is unique for a weapon in its class.

Kord + M79

FF Max Weapon Combinations

This combination of FF Max weapons is perfect for players who like to play a supporting role in battle. The LMG Kord is an excellent weapon for putting down suppressive fire at a distance. Teammates can use it to trap enemies in place.

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The M79 launcher is useful when clearing difficult spots or defensive positions. With a magazine size of five, this weapon is perfect for pushing houses or driving enemies out of hiding.

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