Childe's Recommendations for the Painful Genshin Impact Build 2022

Childe Build

Childe or Tartaglia is one of the Fatui Harbingers in the game Genshin Impact. This 5 star character has a Hydro element and Vicigers can make it the main DPS. This time, VCGamers will discuss the Childe build so that it can become a reliable DPS.

Before discussing builds, Vicigers must understand Childe's gameplay which is quite unique. This DPS character has an Elemental Skill that is quite different from the other characters. Come on, see the discussion below!

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Gameplay Childe

Childe Build Gameplay
Damage from Childe's Elemental Burst During Spiral Abyss. Source: YouTube/Wallensteins Ch

Childe is one of the best DPS with Hydro elements in the Genshin Impact game. High damage output and fast Hydro application are the selling points of this 5 star character.

The elemental skill called “Foul Legacy: Raging Tide” grants Childe two short swords or daggers. The weapon deals Hydro damage to nearby enemies and changes Childe's weapon from arrows or bow be a melee weapon or Melee Stance.

In Stance With that said, Normal and Charged attacks will change to Hydro attacks which cannot be overwritten by other elemental infusions such as Bennett C6.

In addition, Childe has Elemental Burst that matches the Stance he has. If Childe is using a bow or arrow, then his Elemental Burst will be a shower of arrows with Hydro damage.

However, if Childe uses Elemental Burst while in a state Melee Stance, then the Elemental Burst will be in the form of a large incision and deal much greater Hydro damage.

Vicigers needs to pay attention to team rotation with Childe. Use Melee Stance or a long Elemental Skill will give a long Cooldown as well. So, playing Childe, you have to be careful and pay attention to team rotation so that the damage output is more optimal.

Artifact Selection for Childe Build

Childe Build Artifact
Artifact Recommendation for Childe. Source: VCGamers

Artifact Heart of Depth is the best artifact set for Childe. HoD buffs Hydro's damage when Childe uses these 2 artifacts.

However, by using 4 artifacts or a full set, the Normal Attack and Charged Attack damage will increase after using Elemental Skills.

This buff greatly benefits Childe because most of the damage from Childe is after using Elemental Skills.

If Vicigers don't have the full set of Heart of Depth artifacts, Vicigers can use a combination of artifacts. Examples are the Shimenawa artifact which deals +18% ATK and the HoD which deals +15% Hydro DMG bonus.

The combination with Noblesse Oblige can also be used by Vicigers if you want to maximize damage from Elemental Burst. With Noblesse Oblige, Vicigers can get a buff against Elemental Burst damage of +20%.

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Best Weapon Childe Build

Childe Build Weapons
Best Weapon for Childe Build DPS. Source: VCGamers

Childe has a signature weapon, the Polar Star. With high base damage, the second stat provides Crit Rate, and a passive that supports Childe's gameplay, this weapon is perfect for Childe as a DPS.

If Vicigers doesn't have a Polar Star, then Skyward Harp and Thundering Pulse can be an option. Besides that, Amos' Bow and Aqua Simulacra can be a suitable 5-star weapon choice for Childe.

Vicigers who play Genshin Impact as F2P might prefer 4 star weapons. So, Blackcliff Warbow can be an option for F2P players. Vicigers can get this weapon from Paimon's Bargain.

Rust can also be an alternative choice. Even though it lowers Charged Attack damage, this weapon provides a fairly high ATK and a buff against Normal Attack damage. At Refinement Rank 5, Rust can beat even the damage output of even 5-star weapons.

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Best Team Childe Composition

Composition Team Childe
Example of Team Composition Choices for Childe as DPS. Source: VCGamers

Quite a number of team compositions suit Childe. Hydro's quick application makes him quite a strong character. One suitable team composition is National Vaporize Comp.

The composition of the team consists of Bennett as a Healer and giving buffs against ATK, Kazuha as Elemental Shred and collecting enemies, and Xiangling as a Sub DPS with his fire tornado.

In the composition of the team, Childe is useful as a character who provides Hydro applications so that the fire tornado from Xiangling produces a Vaporize reaction. With the Vaporize reaction, Xiangling's Elemental Burst damage will be doubled.

In addition, Taser Comp can be the team composition of choice. By using Bennett as a healer, Fischl and Yae Miko as Electro application characters, and Childe as the main DPS.

The reaction of Electro with Hydro will result in Electro-Charged, a pretty strong reaction. Vicigers can replace Fischl and Yae Miko with other Electro characters such as Raiden Shogun, Beidou, and others.

Thus the discussion regarding the Childe build. For Genesis Crystal top up needs, come on, visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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