Floryn MLBB Pain Support Build for December 2022

Floryn MLBB

Floryn is one of the heroes in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB. Released two years ago, this hero still has a build that supports his capacity and duties as hero support.

Through this article, VCGamers will provide Floryn build recommendations that focus on durability and cooldown reduction. However, you need to know that every hero build in MLBB is very varied and depends on the conditions of the match.

Therefore, this build recommendation is for reference only. The best build will always depend on the situation, conditions, and composition team in a game.

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Floryn MLBB Season 26 Build List

Lantern of Hope, Floryn's Special Item

Floryn MLBB Lantern of Hope
Lantern of Hope Item Stats. Source: VCGamers

The first item that Floryn must have is the Lantern of Hope. The Lantern of Hope is a special item for Floryn's hero and you can get it after upgrading the Shimmering Lantern.

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To upgrade the Shimmering Lantern, you must collect 1000 energy. After that, you can only get the Lantern of Hope.

This Lantern of Hope gives Floryn +55 Magic Power, +10% Movement Speed, and also +5% Cooldown Reduction. Not only that, there is also a passive that buffs the skills he has.

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Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes Items
Item Magic Shoes for Floryn. Source: VCGamers

Magic Shoes is a shoe item that is perfect for Floryn. Adding +40 Movement Speed and +10% Cooldown Reduction is very useful for Floryn who will spam skills, especially skill one called Sow.

Therefore, Floryn will be greatly helped by these shoes. The Cooldown Reduction received will make Floryn use skills more often to heal and also buff friends.

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Oracle Floryn MLBB Items
Oracle Items and Stats. Source: VCGamers

Oracle is a defensive item that is also useful for Floryn's durability. Due to being a support hero, of course the enemy will kill Floryn faster.

Therefore, Floryn needs sufficient durability to survive teamfights. Oracle provides +850 HP, +42 Magic Defense, and 10% Cooldown Reduction which is very useful for spam skills.

Apart from that, Oracle also provides a passive named Bless. By buying Oracle, players will get an increase in the shield effect and HP regeneration by 30%.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice MLBB Items
Dominance Ice MLBB Items. Source: VCGamers

Dominance Ice is a durability item that is often used. This item provides an advantage for Floryn because there is an additional +500 Mana, +70 Physical Defense, and also +5% Movement Speed.

This item is very useful when fighting enemies who have physical strength. Not only that, the passive from Dominance Ice also provides +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Finally, Dominance Ice also provides a reduction of Shield and HP Regen of the enemy around by 50% and Attack Speed of 30% so this item is perfect for fighting heroes with physical damage.

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Immortality for Floryn's Durability

Immortality Items
Immortality Items stat. Source: VCGamers

Immortality is a defensive item that adds durability stat to Floryn. This item adds +800 HP and +20 Physical Defense.

In addition, there is a unique passive called Immortal. Immortal will revive Floryn after death and get 16% Max HP plus 200-1200 shields for three seconds. Of course, this item has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Immortality was extremely important to Floryn. When you die, you can revive and immediately give skills so that nearby friends' HP recovers during crucial teamfights.

Enchanted Talisman for Damage Floryn MLBB

Floryn MLBB Enchanted Talisman
Enchanted Talisman Item Stats. Source: VCGamers

The last item you can use with Floryn is the Enchanted Talisman. This item is more towards the offensive side which gives +50 Magic Power, +250 HP, and also +20% Cooldown Reduction.

After having an item that adds durability, you can add magic damage by buying an Enchanted Talisman.

By purchasing this item, you can get a unique passive called Mana Spring which adds 15% Max Mana every 10 seconds.

There is a second passive available through this Enchanted Talisman item. This passive is called Magic Mastery which increases the maximum Cooldown Reduction by 5%.

Recommended Emblem Support Floryn MLBB

MLBB Support emblems
MLBB Support emblems. Source: Esportsku

For emblems, you can take Agility for the first talent. Agility will add Movement Speed so you can roam faster.

After that, you can take the Gift. Even though the picture above shows Recovery, Gift is a better choice because it can increase the effectiveness of healing.

Finally, you can take the Focusing Mark. Focusing Mark will add 6% damage from allies when attacking enemies attacked by Floryn.

This is the discussion about the most painful build support for Floryn MLBB, I hope this is useful and good luck!

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