Not a Gamer, Brendan Greene is the Mastermind behind the Creator of PUBG!

Brendan Greene

Hola Vicigers! Break the record as one of the games Battle Royale most popular, biggest, and most successful ever made, games PUBG (Player Unknown's Battleground) Mobile apparently not only popular in Indonesia, but in many countries.

As it turned out, Brendan Greene was the mastermind. He is commonly known by his online name "PlayerUnknown", is a member of the community modder. At that time he modified some games. Mods the most popular are “DayZ” or “H1Z1”.

When playing game Player Unknown's Battle Grounds (PUBG) Mobile, players will be dropped from the plane to one of the uninhabited islands. The players are required to survive by killing each other.

On the battlefield, weapons and other equipment are provided for survival players. Who would have thought that games it managed to make a profit of US$ 100 million or around Rp. 1.4 trillion in 2017 ago.

The process of standing up, starting to grow, and finally growing up, games PUBG Mobile This involves many parties from different countries.

Creator figure games PUBG Mobile is a man of Irish origin, Brendan Greene. Brenda Greene's background is worlds away games, as well as the country of origin is not so synonymous with games.

Brendan Greene developed mods “DayZ” and managed to become very popular, which is what led him to create PUBG Mobile.

A Photographer, DJ and Web Designer

Behind its success games PUBG Mobile, Brendan Greene actually started his career as a photographer, DJ (disc jockeys), and web designer. Greene is not a maniac either games which required him to play games every day.


One thing that makes him interested in the world games was when at that time he played games DayZ. He was by then an active member of the community modder and modify some games.

Mods It was this successful “DayZ” that made him take the world seriously games. Get knowledge from Sony Online Entertainment and had invited him to consult on the project King of the Kill, made him even more serious about studying the world games.

Start Joining Bluehole

Not satisfied with just making mods, Brendan Greene continues his dream of making mods games actual. In 2016, Greene decided to leave his photography, DJ, and work web designer.

Then Brendan Greene started working with game designer Korean origin, Chang Han Kim. He also joined Bluehole which is game developers from Seoul, South Korea. Bluehole has been established since 2007.

Since joining Greene with Bluehole, he and his team always do research and development for the sake of creation games PUBG.

Until finally, in 2017, Greene and the team officially released PUBG on Steam. Steam is a distribution service games digital. In early 2018, PUBG became one of the most popular and favorite games in Indonesia Steam.

In January, PUBG finally officially set a record as games which is played simultaneously by 3 million people simultaneously on Steam.

Tencent Games

Tencent is a large company from China that has a lot of business. Games is one of the businesses.

Tencent is also a company that invests shares and provides capital to create games, including PUBG.

Tencent is one of the largest shareholders Bluehole who is the creator of PUBG. They also distribute PUBG on Google Play Store because they have a license.

Of the various types of business carried out by Tencent, they admit that PUBG Mobile is a very large contributor to revenue.

As of 8 months after its release, PUBG has recorded a profit of around 9.7 trillion.

Greene Is A Simple Man

Brendan Greene predicted by the site The Wealth Records has a wealth of US$ 5 billion or the equivalent of IDR 70 trillion. He said in his statement at Business Insider that he is a very simple person.

Having the status of a widower with one child, he said that he did not want to spoil his daughter and he chose to think about his daughter's future rather than buying a luxury car.

That's some information from the founder games PUBG and the process of its formation games the. A Greene is not a maniac games, but he can create games addictive.

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