Want to use the Necklace of Durance item? Don't Use These 7 Heroes!

Items Items Necklace of Durance

Aloha Vicigers! Items magic NOD (Necklace of Durance) are items magic usually used by hero mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. NOD (Necklace of Durance) this could improve magic power.

In addition, this NOD item will provide an additional 5% Cooldown Reduction. As hero mage, this attribute is needed for spam skills.

NOD items will also provide additional magic power as much as 60 points. NOD Items (Necklace of Durance) also gave an additional 10% lifesteal magic which is useful for regenerating HP heroes. So every time you use skills, your HP hero will be filled again with 10%.

NOD items have a unique passive viz LifeDrain. Function LifeDrain this reduces the hero's regen effect by 50% for 3 seconds. This effect is area, all heroes are affected skills it will take effect. Item NOD (Necklace of Durance) is very suitable when combined with items Glowing Wands, Genius Wand and Lightning Truncheon.

This NOD item is very effective for upgradingcounters heroes with lifesteal and high HP regeneration. Who are the heroes that can be counters finished with this item?

  1. Thamuz
  2. Alucard
  3. Esmeralda
  4. Khaleed
  5. Yu Zhong

When using items in the MLBB game (Mobile Legend: Bang Bang) you must know what the items are used for. If you use items that don't match the character heroes you guys, the function of the item has become less effective.

Items in MLBB (Mobile Legend: Bang Bang) can also be the right choice to do counter heroes enemy. Here it is heroes which is not suitable for using Necklace of Durance in MLBB games.

Hero Physical Damage

Heroes who rely on physical damage it is not appropriate to use NOD items

Because this item does not increase physical damage and magical stats. If you want to use items on physical damage heroes, use it sea halberd. Because of items sea halberd it improves physical damage.


Heroes it is not recommended to use NOD items (Necklace of Durance) because heroes it has skills with a CD that is long enough and not too far away.

Not only that, heroes this is hero burst damage. Better if Eudora uses items which increases damageso that you can immediately turn it off healer enemy or foe with heal tall.


Karina is heroes Assassin who has burstdamage which is high in MLBB (Mobile Legend: Bang Bang). Heroes This can also be categorized into magical heroes damage.

Heroes this includes single-target heroes. It's better to use items that can do plank in order to improve damage.

Vale (burst)

If you use Vale as support, NOD items (Necklace of Durance) is suitable, but if you want to use Vale in midlane as mage burst, NOD items (Necklace of Durance) less precise.


Estes doesn't need to use NOD items (Necklace of Durance) because skills owned by heroes it does not have a large enough area to attack the enemy at once.

Heroes it's better to use items Dominance Ice. The item will deliver durability for Estes.


Diggie is a support hero who can provide CC and also anti-CC. This Diggie hero does not have good damage skills to attack enemies, making it difficult to activate skills from Necklace of Durance.


Zask is hero mage who can call little turret to help attack the enemy. If you don't need anti heal, it's better not to buy NOD (Necklace of Durance). Because the item will become useless. Better to use items damage just.

This NOD item is conditional, so it is more recommended to buy this item in the 3rd slot. The first and second items can be filled with items cores first.

Please note that items Necklace of Durance this is only useful for characters heroes magical. If your hero is a character physical heroes, we recommend using sea halberd to reduce enemy HP regen. Good luck!

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