Blue Lock Season 2 Will Be Released in October 2024

Manga Blue Lock

Adventure Yoichi to become the best striker in the world will soon continue. Via the official X account @BLUELOCK_PR, It has been announced that the Blue Lock 2 anime will air in October 2024. Many fans have been waiting for this good news. Unfortunately, there is no definite news about when this anime will air in Indonesia.

This anime has an interesting story, so it's no wonder it has so many fans all over the world. In the first season yesterday, Blue Lock released in 24 episodes. 

The hope is that season 2 of this anime can be broadcast with the same number of episodes. Many fans of this anime are already waiting for the release of anime season 2. 

The announcement made by Yuki Nakamura via post X became happy news in the minds of fans. 

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Synopsis of Blue Lock

Manga Blue Lock
Blue Lock. Source: Official Site

In season one, this anime told the story of the Japanese national football team who lost in the 2018 World Cup. Because of this defeat, the Japanese national team wanted to find the best striker with a high desire to score goals. 

In order to create superior football players, a program called Blue Lock was created. The players who take part in this program are grouped into several teams. 

They will later be asked to compete against each other and be required to win if they want to pass to the next selection stage. Unfortunately, when the first season finished, the story was all still hanging in the air. 

This leaves many questions in the minds of the audience. This anime adapts the manga version, which already has 29 volumes. Yesterday's first season adapted eleven manga volumes. 

Automatically there are still 18 volumes remaining that have not been filmed. So, it is estimated that in season 2, this anime will tell the story around chapters 109-151. 

This chapter will be quite long because the author wants to show the abilities of the Blue Lock characters in depth. 

Until then, only 35 participants remained in the Blue Lock program who passed the second round of selection. The main character Yoichi Isagi and other important characters such as Hyoma Chigiri, Seishiro Nagi, Rin Itoshi to Shoei Barou passed to the next stage. 

In the next stage, Blue Lock participants can still be divided into three teams. After the selection stage is completed, the best players will appear in the match against the Japanese U-20 national team. 

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Characters Appearing in Blue Lock Season 2

Noel Noa
Noel Noa. Source:

Quoting from Blue Lock Season 2 will feature characters with voice actors as follows: 

  • Yoichi Isagi: Kazuki Ura (Japan) / Ricco Fajardo (England). 
  • Meguru Bachira: Kaito Tasuku (Japan) / Drew Breedlove (England). 
  • Jinpachi Ego: Hiroshi Kamiya (Japan) / Derick Snow (England). 
  • Seishiro Nagi: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japan) / Bryson Baungus (England). 
  • Shoei Baro: Junichi Saito (Japan) / Matthew David Rudd (England). 
  • Rin Itoshi: Soma Saito (Japan) / Aaron Dismuke (England) 
  • Jyubei Aryu: Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese) / Matt Shipman (English)
  • Aoshi Tokimitsu: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japan) / Bradley Gareth (England)  
  • Resnsuke Kunigami: Yuuki Ono (Japan) / Alex Hom (English)

Unfortunately there is no trailer for the second season yet to appear YouTube and other social media. If you can't wait to watch this anime again, read the manga first. 

That's a brief review of Blue Lock season 2. While waiting for the release, you can watch it good anime to watch more in the previous article. 

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