The 6 Best Weapons in Free Fire OB35

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A number of weapons are buffed in the update Free Fire OB35. So, in this update, there are six of the best weapons in free fire that you should use.

The OB35 Free Fire patch has just come out, bringing a number of changes to various weapons. With Free Fire being a highly competitive shooter, choosing a better weapon will definitely give you an edge in battle. In this article, VCGamers will show you the 6 best weapons in free fire for the OB35 update.

List of the Best Weapons in Free Fire

Garena recently released one of the most awaited patches for its famous battle royale title, Free Fire. This game has received the OB35 update, which has come with lots of new and exciting features.

The new update offers different modes, characters, pets and other customizations for different in-game items. Weapon customization is one of the important features of each new patch.

Players are always looking to customize these weapons to try out new weapons with improved attributes to get more kills and reach higher tier ranks.

In the OB35 update, the developers have made many adjustments to the different attributes of various weapons.


the best weapon in free fire

Bizon is Free Fire's newest SMG in this patch. This is one of the best weapons in free fire and a powerful weapon that specializes in close combat.

Bizon has a very high rate of fire that can deal high damage, but with devastating damage it also has low accuracy. Players must be careful not to waste their shots.

The best part about this weapon is its ability to equip almost any attachment in the game. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players will have no trouble dispatching enemies in close and even medium range combat.


the best weapon in free fire
G36 Weapon Illustration

G36 is the newest AR in Free Fire. Similar to FAMAS, it supports 2 shooting modes. Assault mode deals better damage at a lower range cost, allowing players to fight better at the start and end of the game.

Range mode is the opposite, it increases range and at the cost of damage. With this mode active, players should be able to shoot more accurately.

The G36's only weakness is its average stats, with nothing to stand out. The OB35 patch fixes this by increasing the Assault mode's rate of fire by 8 percent and Range mode's accuracy by 12 percent.


the best weapon in free fire

M24 has been a very popular free fire weapon ever since its addition to the game. It is the lightest sniper rifle with a very high movement stat, which allows players to run around freely unlike other snipers.

However, prior to the OB35, pistols were considered unsatisfactory by professionals, due to their lower range and damage.

Garena has decided to fix this problem by increasing weapon damage by 8 percent in OB35. Players should be able to reliably shoot 2-3 enemies with a gun now.


the best weapon in free fire

FAMAS is one of the most difficult weapons to use in Free Fire, being the only Assault Rifle that cannot fire automatically. Players can only release a burst of 3 bullets at a time.

This is why Garena has been trying to buff this weapon for quite a while now, as it's only high risk with low reward. In OB35, the gun gets an additional 5 percent armor penetration, which makes it more viable in the late game.

Famas is an excellent AR. When used properly, it is a beast in close and medium range combat. The new update has increased its armor penetration ability, making it even more powerful.

Players can also use the weapon in burst mode, where it fires three bullets for a base damage of 53 hitpoints. The accuracy has also improved in the new update.

The Famas is now a much improved rifle with increased armor penetration and burst shots to take down opponents quickly.


the best weapon in free fire

SCAR has always been a “middle of the pack” weapon among ARs, with an average statline. However, it looks like Garena is trying to change it by adding a little bullet damage. Overall, there should be more reasons to keep SCAR into the late game now, as her damage is now greater than average.

The Scar is considered one of the most versatile assault rifles in the game. With the new update, weapons have received various adjustments to their attributes.

The developers have increased the overall hit damage, which will help gamers to inflict more damage on their opponents.

This weapon offers impressive accuracy, making it suitable for close and medium range combat. It has a rate of fire of 61 and an excellent range of 61, which helps to better identify enemies during firefights at medium and long ranges.

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the best weapon in free fire

The M1887 is the most powerful rifle in the game today, with the ability to kill players with one shot quite easily. In OB35, Garena has decided to balance the gun a bit by reducing its damage but increasing its rate and range of fire.

Overall, the changes are more buffs than nerfs, due to damage M1887 still high enough for one shot to kill another player.

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The damage is slightly reduced to make it much more stable. However, the increased rate of fire makes the firearm one of the most balanced rifles and more suitable for aggressive users.

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