5 Best Locations in Bermuda FF After the OB35 Update


Garena Free Fire provides several options in terms of maps for the Battle Royale mode. Among the five choices, Bermuda FF is arguably the most used, which is also a map that many players adore. This map has been available on Free Fire since its release in 2017.

Bermuda FF offers different terrain and lots of broken buildings and walls, making it interesting.

One can find loot that suits their playstyle, camp in buildings, travel in vehicles, access airdrops, find strategic higher ground, and perform various other actions in Bermuda.

The Best Looting Place on the FF OB35 Bermuda Map

Each update brings some changes to Garena Free Fire/FF MAX in terms of in-game content, and all maps are sometimes part of the changes. Below are the best drop locations on the Bermuda map after the Free Fire OB35 update.

Mars Electric

Mars Electric
Mars Electric to get lots of loot

Players often prefer Bermuda's southernmost location because it is relatively safer than many of the other hot spots. Mars Electric is also underrated when it comes to loot. This is because players usually find above average weapons scattered across several warehouses.

If players want to push ranks, they should know that Mars Electric's proximity to Factory, Pochinok, and Sentosa makes it a bit risky as a landing spot in Ranked mode. Still, the availability of vehicles makes it easier to escape after the early stages of the game.


Hangar as the best loot location in Bermuda

Another safe drop location in Bermuda FF, Hangar is an excellent choice for landing in BR mode. Although the loot is comparatively less, players can find high-quality weapons if they put in the effort.

Apart from that, Hangar also invites some bots to the lower towers, meaning one can get easy kills for better KD.

Open spaces are a bit of a worry for players looking to avoid close combat. However, they can use warehouses, containers, or towers for cover. Hangars are sometimes unsuitable for late game stages when the safe zone starts to shrink.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower
Clock Tower in the Bermuda map

Clock Tower is a paradise for campers due to the availability of many structures and buildings. As well as offering opportunities to camp as well as extensive cover, it is also a popular drop location for the quality of loot it offers.

Also, placement Clock Tower on the Bermuda map makes it closer to the flight route almost every time; central locations in Bermuda FF are of great help to gamers when the safe zone shrinks.


Factory location in the Bermuda free fire map

Factory is the best location in Bermuda Free Fire if players like to play aggressively and prefer hot-drop locations. Factory is one of the riskiest places to land in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode.

However, the risk pays off as the best loot players can get in the Factory. Additionally, one can use containers to gain cover advantage in close combat. Vehicles can also be found at this location.

One of the riskiest drop locations in Bermuda is also well known among Free Fire/FF MAX fans for the Factory Challenge, which is often played as a special room match without any weapons.

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Mill to get the best loot in Bermuda free fire

The final addition to this list of the best FF Bermuda locations is the Mill, which offers decent loot. This is another popular drop location mainly because it features frequently in Clash Squad matches.

Many CS mode lovers choose Mill to explore weapons in Battle Royale mode. The weapons were scattered everywhere.

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