Best Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile April 2022, Crazy Damage!

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Moving into April 2022, we're going to round up some of the best Assault Rifles in the game PUBG Mobile with insane damage. Check in full below.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games these days. You could say this is the best mobile game at the moment. Being a battle royale game, PUBG Mobile is all about eliminating all enemies and surviving till the end.

To win the match, you need very good knowledge of the available weapons. There are various types of weapons in PUBG Mobile, with Assault Rifles being one of the most desirable. AR is very popular because it can be used at different ranges to fight.

List of the Most Painful Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile

Players often use the AR as their weapon of choice in most shooting titles, and PUBG Mobile is no exception. This game has a variety of weapons in its comprehensive arsenal.

AR deals average damage and works almost perfectly in short to medium range duels. Most ARs have high recoil but are reliable and consistent. 

In this article, we cover the most powerful Assault Rifles available in PUBG Mobile. Here are the best firearms in this game;


Assault Rifles

Groza is arguably the best Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile at the moment. The weapon massively damages enemies with a high rate of fire. You can get these firearms from airdrops, and they work best with the suppressor on.

The Groza's high fire rate, combined with the fact that it is a very effective weapon, makes it a must-choose for players. This weapon has a proper radius ranging from 100 to 300 meters.

However, many players prefer cover combat when using Groza. This AR has the same high recoil as AKM.


Assault Rifles

AKM is another commonly used weapon in PUBG Mobile. Just like Groza, this weapon also deals damage to enemies thanks to its high fire rate. However, the recoil is relatively high and very difficult to control. You can install a compensator to help control the recoil.

The AKM deals serious damage and can take down enemies with just a few head shots. If you are familiar with AKM weapons and you can deal with recoil, you can easily destroy level three armor and helmets in close combat. What a crazy weapon, right?


Assault Rifles

Arguably the most used weapon in PUBG Mobile, players can do decent damage to opponents with this weapon. In addition, the M416's recoil is relatively low. With a 6x or 4x scope installed, players can use this firearm at long distances too.

Most players consider the M416 to be one of the most consistent and reliable AR weapons in the game. You can easily get this weapon in all maps in the game.


Assault Rifles

This weapon has the same damage stat as the M416. But SCAR-L has a lower fire rate. With lower recoil and longer range, gamers can also use it at medium and long distances. A compensator with a vertical or angled grip is a suitable attachment for this weapon.

This weapon has 43 damage per bullet when it is in contact with an opponent within a radius of 100 to 500 meters. It can be said that the Scar-L is a weapon that is quite stable because the recoil of this weapon is not as big as that of the AKM.


Assault Rifles

AUG A3 is also a drop-only water weapon with heavy damage and high fire rate. Its excellent handling and high muzzle velocity make it highly sought after.

When equipped with the compensator and foregrip it has slightly better overall stability than an equivalently equipped M416 or SCAR-L. Preferably over close and medium range.

The AUG A3 is easy to control and deals great damage in close combat. Weapons don't depend on multiple attachments to be effective.

The bullet used by this weapon is the same as the M4 and Scar-L, namely the 5.66 mm green bullet. Even though the level of stability is good, recharging past speed takes a long time even when using fast attachments.

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Beryl M762

Assault Rifles

Beryl M762 is a spawn weapon that is commonly found on maps. The Beryl M762 has an incredible hit damage of 46 and uses the 7.62mm type of ammunition. The Beryl M762 has a high rate of fire of 0.086 seconds and is equipped with a 30-round magazine.

The Beryl M762 beats the AKM to a spot on this list due to its ability to significantly reduce recoil using the right attachments.

The bullet used by this weapon is the same as the previous weapon, namely the 7.6 mm brown bullet. The recoil produced from this weapon is quite high, as a weapon with 7.6 mm bullets in general.

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So, that was the list of the deadliest Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile for April 2022. So, which AR weapon is your favourite?

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