AE Champion of MPL! Thin Win From Aura Fire 2-1!

AE Champion of MPL

Hello fellow Vicigers. Dramatic match between Alter egos x Aura Fire in the opening match of the Week of MPL ID Season 8, which is full of surprises in this match.

Several previous matches during match 1 that occurred in the opening match of the third week in the match between AE and Aura Fire. AE won the MPL in 2 games earlier this week, and it worked out Alter Ego finally managed to win 2-1 over the boys from Aura Fire.

The match between AE, MPL Champion and Aura Fire, has not been favored at all in this match, which was very surprising. Even though these two teams were under pressure when they entered the early game, because Variety, who used the hero Ling, was often picked off at the start of this first match game.

This makes this a team tactic AuraFire, the figure of Ling at the beginning of the game has been the initiator for the heroes X-Borg, Uranus, and Rubby from the Aura Fire team until they finish with the complete build items.

Of course when it entered the early stage of the net towards the first mid, the Aura team really felt pressure from the Alter Ego children's games. And in matches that enter the early late stage, that's where the game's surprises will appear and be focused on every moment. When doing war together, Aura Fire looks very difficult with their various combinations of X-Borg, Uranus and Rubby.

But what happened was that Alter Ego only had 1 hero with high stability, making it difficult to match the team fight from Aura Fire. Alter Ego was successfully pushed back while trying to contest Aura's team in the Lord area.

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Ling Variety Who Had Left Behind

AE Champion of MPL

The game from a Variety had problems with the in-game hero Ling Variety lagging behind with KD 1 6 and slowly started to catch up in terms of items and even Gold. This made Aura Fire successful in wiping out players from Alter Ego in the blue buff area of Alter Ego.

In this first game, Aura Fire finally won in the 24th minute thanks to God's help. The Vicigers friends definitely didn't expect that the figure of GOD1VA and his friends were able to make Alter Ego depressed like the match at the beginning.

Of course this didn't happen in the first game, in the second game Aura Fire actually controlled the game from early to late game. It was clear from the Aura Fire players that they played very aggressively when the match started, successfully surprising the AE players.

But it's really very unfortunate that the Aura Fire players looked very forced to end this match. Make a strategy by pushing with the Lord, but it seems to make the war too much. As a result, all five of Aura's players immediately disappeared and were wiped out. AE, the MPL champion, who gained immediate momentum, didn't waste the opportunity.

The remaining Alter Ego players immediately replaced their items and carried out a push strategy that succeeded in securing this second game. A Celiboy and his friends succeeded in forcing the third game for Aura Fire.

Entering the third game the game really changed 160 degrees. It is clear that AE, the MPL champion, is very aggressive in the game area. In addition, Ahmad and his Pharsa performed brilliantly in the AE midlane in this decisive game.

Yep, this game also looks lame with the previous game. Alter Ego didn't want to waste this momentum as they ended the third game in 15 minutes. Alter Ego narrowly won 2-1 over Aura Fire in this match full of surprises.

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Alter Ego Wins Thin

AE narrowly won

When the match was over, when asked if there was anything to do with their difficulties in the first 2 games with the Mage that Ahmad finally used in the third game? Nino answered, "I just want to try Ahmad using mage anyway."

When asked why he chose Ahmad to use a Fighter or a Mage, Nino also gave a funny answer, “Do you want to use a Fighter or a Mage as long as Ahmad smiles, I'm fine. When I entered games 1 and 2, I looked sullen and continued to play."

That's the information about AE, MPL Champion, narrowly winning against Aura Fire, I hope this is useful, thank you.

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