The Latest Moskov Build That Must Be Used in 2021!

Build Moscow

Hello fellow Vicigers. Are you Moskov players here? Definitely want to find the best Moskov build for him in 2021. Hero Moskov is one of the Marksman role heroes who has high mobility and also a very deadly skill, especially since Moskov is considered an Onfire hero who is also being widely used among Mobile Legends.

Not only that, Moskov is also known as an agile and difficult hero to target when a war game is in progress.

Vicigers friends, if you want to use this one hero. This time we will provide recommendations for the Moskov build. Let's immediately see below.

The Latest Moskov Build That Must Be Used in 2021!

Swift Boots Build Moscow 

swift boots

The first Moskov Build is Swift Boots which has a low movement speed so you can keep moving from one position to another. Therefore, the Marksman role from Moskov needs help from item movement which can help him move more quickly.

Most heroes from this role will be compatible with an item movement called swift boots. This swift boots item is the item most commonly used by heroes who have role marksman.

This item will provide +2 advantages for role marksman, which can increase movement speed by 40 points, and attack speed by +15% percent. Because this attack speed makes it suitable for marksman heroes, especially Moskov.

Because marksman heroes usually rely on passive skills in the game. By getting an attack speed of 15 percent, the marksman hero will be able to carry out many attacks in a certain time compared to not using this item.

Raptor Machete

raptor machetes

This second item, you must be able to buy a roam item of the Raptor Machete type.

Because items have the advantage of being able to add attributes in the form of +30 physical attack and also a little extra +15% physical penetration +50% damage to jungle monsters.

Not only that, friends, this item also provides a passive ability to Raptor Machete which can reduce physical defence by 10 times.

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Scarlet Phantom

scarlet phantom

In the next row of items to build Moscow is Scarlet Phantom which is the next item that must be purchased by players, with this item, Moskov will get +30% physical attack, +20% attack speed and +25% critical chance.

Barserker's Fury

barserkers fury

The next item suitable for Build Moskov is Berserkers Fury.

This item is equipped with additional attributes in the form of +65 physical attack, +25% critical chance, and +40 critical damage.

This is an attack item that is also given a passive item which will add a physical attack of 5% for 2 seconds.

Endless Battles

endless battles

In the next item, you guys can buy attack items like Endless Battle to build Moskov

Endless Battle items can provide a few attributes to additional heroes in the form of +16% physical attack, +5% manaregen obtained, +250 additional HP, +10% cooldown, +5% movement speed, and also an additional +10% physical lifesteal.

However, the benefit of this item is that it also has the passive ability of Endless Battle which can provide additional 85% physical damage or true damage from our opponents.

Malefic Roar

malafic roar

In this last item, buddy, Build Moskov can also use Malefic Roar, with this item, the Moskov hero will get a big addition to the attributes in the form of +60 physical attack and +40% physical penetration, so it's very useful and you must buy it.

Don't forget friends, the Malefic Roar item is also equipped with a passive that can release 20% from the turret defense.

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This is the information regarding the Latest Build Moskov that must be used in 2021! Don't forget to visit other recent article updates, thank you.

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