About Evil Dead The Game; Gameplay and Graphics!

Evil Dead The Game

The Evil Dead The Game franchise game is finally here in a more interesting form of gameplay. this game also provides quite interesting graphics for you to see.

Taking inspiration from other popular horror and survival video games such as Left 4 Dead and Dead By Daylight, Evil Dead The Game seeks to build on the game mechanics with some of its own creative twists. 

Evil Dead as a franchise takes a lot of inspiration from every different horror sub-genre, from slasher films to lovecraftian horror. 

The plot of each mission revolves around the undead who return to Earth to eliminate the living. Luckily, Earth has heroes in the form of the witty Ash Williams and his friends.

Each weapon has its fair share of cinematic finishes for players to use and reward players with bonus points. So, what is the gameplay and graphics of this game like?

Gameplay Evil Dead The Game

Evil Dead The Game
Evil Dead The Game. Source: Youtube.

The best part of this game so far is the characters. This game has an extensive roster of game characters from the respective movies and shows. Each character has its own set of voice lines that fits perfectly. 

The icing on the cake is the return of Bruce Campbell, the real Ash Williams. Evil Dead: Game can feel repetitive at times, especially the combat. 

Most of the title is associated with its combat, as the user must fight their way through hordes of demons, elites and the occasional boss. 

While finishers are flashy, button mashing against every enemy becomes tiresome, even in short game sessions.

Fighting in the role of a demon can be very upsetting, as having minions takes away from the devil's job of gathering energy. 

This energy is needed to summon more units, elites, and bosses as well as permeate survivors and environments. This made the demons often sit and watch, feeling quite boring.

In terms of story, this game tends to be lacking. Each game round always sees players discovering the same parts of the map, completing the same objectives, and battling through the same undead rotations. 

However, this makes the game very friendly to the casual form of the game pick-up-and-play no big story.

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Evil Dead The Game graphics

Evil Dead The Game
Evil Dead The Game. Source: Youtube.

Version games that is played for this game is for a sufficient PC with large memory. However, the games play well and look even better. Lighting also plays a big role in the perfect atmosphere this game provides.

Character models can also look a bit plastic in games, but this is common for titles of this scale. Overall, the graphics are enjoyable for a casual audience focused on gameplay.

As for in-game sound, the feeling of a looming threat lingers throughout every loop through thumping menacing bass instruments and the occasional chorus. 

It's also probably worth mentioning that the studio collaborated with rapper Method Man on an original song to promote the video game.

The miscellaneous sounds that users hear during their game are less likely to have the Evil Dead flair. This game has more in common with the Ghostbusters video game than any other entry in the Evil Dead franchise.

This makes Evil Dead The Game feel a bit cartoony and less scary most of the time.

Overall, this game is quite fun. This game is overflowing with fan service and is likely to be viewed favorably by fans of the game for years to come. 

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