A New Way to Watch Movies on IDLIX and the Risks


Now there are many sites to watch film free online, one of which is IDLIX. With this platform you can watch films, series, dramas, etc anime for free. And in this article we will share how to watch on IDLIX.

This platform is in the form of an application and a site, you can choose which one you are more comfortable using. If you don't know many questions IDLIX, see the full explanation below!

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What is IDLIX?
What is IDLIX? (Source: Idlix Official Website/Google)

IDLIX is a site that provides free streaming of films, TV, anime and other similar products. The main goal of this site is the same as Netflix, Iflix, Apple TV+, and other streaming applications

But in concept the IDLIX is much more similar to the Glass Screen 21. Do you still remember what the Glass Screen 21 is? 

So, just like Layar Kaca 21, the IDLIX application provides illegal content. You can access all the films you like but with various risks at stake. 

However, this site provides a very large film library. Unfortunately you can't find Indonesian films on this free site. 

If you still want to know more about IDLILX, see the explanation of how to watch films on IDLIX below!

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How to Watch Movies on IDLIX

how to watch on idlix
Click the Play Image to Start the Movie. Source: Official Site

IDLIX can be accessed via the application or website. However, because this platform is illegal, it is better for you to access it from the website. 

The way to watch films on IDLIX is by just visiting the site. If you've never accessed it, read the full explanation below:

  • Search for IDLIX
  • Select the film genre you want; 
  • Click the play button to play the film; 

Usually when you want to play a film you will encounter advertisements that appear in a new tab. It's a bit annoying, but you just need to close it. 

Before a film is played, there is usually an advertisement that appears and you have to wait for the advertisement to finish before the film starts playing. 

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Features Available in IDLIX

how to watch on idlix
Complete Genre Features. Source: Official Site

Even though it is illegal, IDLIX is equipped with many features that pamper users. To find out more, see the following explanation:

Search feature

This feature really helps users to find their favorite movies. As an application that provides lots of films, otherwise this feature would be very troublesome for users to find films. 

Genre Grouping

Same as Netflix, Iflix, and its other friends, IDLIX are also equipped with a genre grouping feature. So if you come to the site and don't know what to watch, you can click on the genre folder. 

With just one click you will arrive at a page filled with movie folders. There are around 30 film genres provided by IDLIX. 

Language Selection

Just like paid streaming applications, IDLIX also provides a multilingual subtitle feature. You don't need to know English to watch films on IDLIX. 

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Can be accessed online and offline

IDLIX can always be used at any time because it is available online and offline. So you can download films in advance to watch later or watch films directly.

Risks of Watching Films on IDLIX

There are two risks that users of the IDLIX film streaming site will experience. The first risk is that the device used to watch is infected with a virus.

Even though this doesn't happen immediately, once you stream on an illegal site, the potential for your device to get a virus increases.

Apart from being exposed to viruses, accessing illegal sites also increases the potential for theft of personal data stored on the device. Think carefully before deciding to watch on IDLIX.

IDLIX does have a very large film library, but these films are displayed without an official license from the film maker.

This kind of thing is a form of copyright infringement. When you watch films on IDLIX, you are perpetuating the practice of copyright infringement.

Do you know why Netflix charges subscription fees to its users? Netflix does this all to pay for licenses or permission to use the films displayed in its library.

IDLIX does not impose fees on its users because they do not pay for licenses or permission to use films to creators.

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