Idlix: Illegal Free Streaming Platform, Beware of the Impact!


Watching films is an activity that we usually do to fill our free time. Especially on the moon Ramadan this time. Apart from playing games on mobile phones or consoles PlayStation as well as Xbox, Vicigers Of course, enjoy watching your favorite series or films, and of course, you know the Idlix website.

Even though it is relatively new, and has been repeatedly taken down by the government, its name is still widely heard, becoming an alternative choice for watching films for free.

For those of you who don't know the Idlix platform, through this article, the author will try to answer your curiosity.

Without further ado, let's get into the core of our discussion this time. Read the article carefully, so you can get the complete information. Check it out!

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Get to know Idlix, a free film streaming platform

Idlix - Movie Streaming Platform
Idlix – Movie Streaming Platform. (Source: Idlix Official Website/Google)

As previously explained, Idlix is a free film streaming platform, which you can access via the Google search page.

Like streaming platforms in general, this website is not only limited to one category, it also provides a large selection of films or series that you can watch.

Vicigers You also need to know that this website is not legally available in Indonesia. So, it will cause various kinds of risks, when we access the website.

Apart from going through the Google search page, you can also download the application, which can be accessed via Instagram their official.

However, Idlix has not re-released its application to the Google Play Store or App Store, after it was deleted by Google some time ago.

Available Features

If we look at the appearance of the website, Idlix gives us the option of watching films for free, even though it is illegal. Also, they manage their website well, because the advertisements that appear are neat, unlike other pirated websites.

The next feature available in the application, as well as the website, is the streaming and download option, which is available in the bottom right corner, when you access a film.

This is an advantage in itself, because many pirated film platforms, and even legal ones, do not have this feature.

You can also choose the various languages provided to use as subtitles for the film you are watching.

However, Idlix does not provide films and series from Indonesia. Most of the films and series available on this website come from the west.

How to Watch Movies on Idlix

1. Open the Google search page, via the browser you usually use

2. Make sure your internet network is stable, so you can access the website

3. Enter the keyword "IDLIX" in the search box, or enter the link and wait a few moments

4. When you have logged in, choose your favorite TV series or blockbuster film to watch.

Risks of Watching Films on Idlix

Risks of Watching Films on Idlix
Risks of Watching Illegal Films on Idlix. (Source: Idlix Official Website/Google)

As the author explained above, Idlix is an illegal film streaming platform, so there will be risks when accessing it.

Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, Cyber security expert, Alfons Tanujaya, said that there is no "free lunch" in any form, including in this case. So, there will be risks involved.

“Illegal streaming requires a lot of server maintenance costs and bandwidth. "So, it is impossible for a website manager to provide free film services to users, without providing a "trick" behind it," explained Alfons.

He added that the risks that users will face when accessing Idlix include malware, virus attacks, and endless advertising spam, which can slow down device performance.

"Most likely, the result will be similar to the previous LK21 platform, they are looking for profits through advertising and malware which tends to be illegal," he concluded.

Recommended Legal Movie Streaming Platforms

Disney Plus
Disney Plus. (Source: Disney Plus Official Website/Google)

If you like watching films and series, you should choose a streaming platform that is legal in Indonesia. Below, the author provides a list of recommendations that you can consider as an option. Among others are:

1. Netflix
2. Disney+ Hotstar
3. HBO Go
4. Video
5. iQiyi
6. Prime Video
7. Online Cinema
8. Cinema Box
9. Viu
10. Catchplay+
11. WeTV
12. Apple TV+
13. Lions Gate Play
14. CubMu
15. Mola
16. Maxstream
17. Vision+

Those are the facts you need to know about the Idlix streaming application.

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