Selling Well, 35 Million VCG Tokens Sold Out in 6 Hours


The domestic crypto digital asset from VCGamers, $VCG, was selling well when it was first released on Friday 7 January 2022.

Of course you want to know what is the reason behind the run of the VCG token? Then, who are the figures behind the success of the VCG token sale? Also, other questions about the VCG token that you may not have been able to answer so far.

Without needing to linger, let's look at the review of $VCG.

35 Million VCG Tokens Sold Out in 6 Hours

VCG Tokens Okay

A total of 35 million domestic digital crypto assets, $VCG, were sold out within six hours during the pre-sale on the PinkSale platform for the release which was held on Friday 7 January 2022. It is known that a total of $VCG transacted on the platform was 35% out of a total of 100 million supplies. built on top of the Binance platform.

Tens of millions of VCG tokens were sold out following the high enthusiasm of global and local investors for domestic digital crypto assets. Then, in the pre-sale, investors, contributors and holders will get 17,500 $VCG for 1 BNB in the pre-sale. Thus, $VCG also posted a hard cap of 2000 BNB.

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The Figure Behind $VCG's Success

This success was inseparable from a number of factors. Among them, the $VCG token was born from VCGamers which has been known as a social commerce platform specifically for games. VCGamers has become a marketplace for gamers and MSME players who trade items and assets in the game ecosystem.

Then, VCGamers has also succeeded in developing itself as a community center to hold tournaments, to form an e-sports team.

The second thing that became the background to the success of $VCG was the presence of a number of big figures and the figure of a chairman who was well known to the public.

His retainers, Isya Sony Subrata as the Co-Founder and CEO with his two colleagues Hartanto and Ibnu Anggara who are former employees of another gaming marketplace. Then, there is also the figure of Co-Founder and Chairman, Wafa Taftazani.

Wafa has also just announced that it has secured early-stage funding for its new startup in a creator-specific fintech vertical called Upbanx.

1 VCG Token
Group photo (from left to right): Co-Founder and Chairman of VCGamers, Wafa Taftazani, Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina, Co-Founder and CEO of VCGamers, Isya Sony Subrata, Hartanto and Ibnu Anggara.

Then, there is Beenext and Rans Ventures, venture capital owned by celebrities Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, with the participation of a number of angel investors such as Google Asia-Pacific executive Ari Fadyl and VP Collab Asia Jerry Soer who also supported the birth of $VCG.

"After posting a hard cap of 2000 BNB during the pre-sale at PinkSale, on January 9, 2022, we will continue to launch $VCG to the public on the PancakeSwap platform. This success set a new record in the country. This is inseparable from angle investors such as Beenext and RANS, who helped introduce and educate the $VCG token to the general public," said VCGamers Co-founder and CEO, Isya Sony Subrata.

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$VCG Simplify Transactions

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He explained, the presence of $VCG would facilitate transactions in existing social commerce services. Because, the vision of VCGamers is to facilitate and support gamers, develop blockchain-based games and become a platform to increase economic value for domestic MSME players who have been listed on the VCGamers marketplace.

MSMEs, especially sellers who have joined the VCGamers social commerce platform, need not worry. The transition in the transaction process from conventional to digital will be carried out side by side.

"In transactions on the marketplace, the $VCG token is not a substitute, but a companion. Sellers can choose, through an initial agreement, whether their payment system accepts $VCG token conversions or still chooses to transact conventionally. So, there is a term of service. VCGamers provides options, accommodating the needs of MSMEs on our platform, both for existing sellers and those who have just joined," said Sony.

$VCG Roadmap

$VCG Roadmap okay

Next, VCGamers has prepared the NFT Marketplace platform. Projections based on the roadmap, the NFT Marketplace matures in the fourth quarter of 2022.

"We want to introduce to the Indonesian people that creative digital products and digital assets have great potential to drive the domestic economy in particular. VCGamers wants to take part, contribute to introducing Indonesia to the global level through the VCG token, NFT marketplace, and
other game-based creative digital products," he said.

The potential and commitment of VCGamers has also been welcomed by one of the largest exchanges in Indonesia, which is connected to one of the largest exchanges in the world.

“VCGamers was contacted by the largest exchange in Indonesia, and is currently in the exploration stage to see the potential for the $VCG token to be listed on the exchange. In line with these results, $VCG will comply with domestic rules or regulations regarding digital assets. We will carry out all the steps according to the procedure. VCGamers has a mission to educate the public, so we are also committed. We are optimistic about the potential and composition of the existing team, full support from angel investors and partnerships that have been established," he added.

For the public who wish to contribute to becoming holders of $VCG, you can directly visit the official website which will be directed to PancakeSwap to make a purchase.

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