3 Most Epic Anime and Manga Character Deaths

Anime Character Death

There are various dramatic moments in the world of manga that have made readers fascinated and inevitably make them cry. One of them is the death of an anime character.

Even though it is only fiction, the death of this anime character manages to draw deep feelings of empathy and sadness from readers.

Here are some epic anime character deaths!

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Jiraiya from the Naruto Series

Anime Character Death
Jiraiya's death. Source: naruto.fandom.com

In the final moments of his sad life, Jiraiya was trapped in touching memories of the past. Initially, he hoped that Yahiko, one of his students, would be a bright spot that would bring world peace.

However, in his wanderings in the harsh world of ninja, he finds a strong belief that Naruto, his current student, has great potential to become a hero who will bring the peace he dreams of.

With his final thoughts filled with hope for the future, Jiraiya faced death with dignity and inspiring courage, providing proof that his spirit would never be extinguished even in the most desperate circumstances.

This tragic story is a meaningful moment in Naruto's journey, marking a great loss for Naruto and fans, while illustrating the power of moral messages about courage, sacrifice, and hope.

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Minato and Kushina from the Naruto Series

Minato and Kushina
Minato and Kushina. Source: tokyogazette

In one of the most touching moments in the Naruto series, the death of Minato and Kushina, Naruto's parents, is depicted through flashes of memories that take readers and viewers to the past, precisely at the time of Naruto's birth.

When Naruto tries to control the Kyuubi, the story suddenly shows an unexpected meeting between Naruto and his mother, Kushina. The two of them had a deep conversation, and that's where Kushina started recounting the tragic moment of Naruto's birth.

The flashback begins when Naruto was born, a surprising incident occurred. A masked man suddenly appeared, kidnapped Kushina, and released the Kyuubi from the seal that limited its power.

As a result, the Kyuubi that had been released went berserk and attacked the village of Konoha with ferocity. However, Minato, also known as the Fourth Hokage, did not remain silent. He tried hard to stop the Kyuubi's attack and then moved the monster to a secluded place, keeping it away from the villagers.

However, at the peak of the battle, Minato and Kushina realized that they had to sacrifice themselves so that the Kyuubi could be sealed again.

With full sacrifice and love for their child, they took the brave step of sealing the Kyuubi into the body of the newborn baby Naruto.

This heroic act not only shows the incredible courage and sacrifice of Naruto's parents, but also paints a touching picture of the power of a parent's love to protect their child.

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Ace from the One Piece Series

Ace. Source: quora

In one of the saddest moments in the One Piece series, we witness the tragic death of Portgas D. Ace, the adopted 'brother' of the main character, Luffy. When entering the Saga Summit War, Ace was captured by the Marines and sentenced to death. This makes Luffy try hard to save his brother.

When Akainu tried to attack Luffy, Ace acted to protect his brother by sacrificing himself. His body was badly injured by Akainu's magma attack, and Ace died before Luffy's eyes, adding deep pain to the brother he loved.

Ace's death not only hurt Luffy, but also the entire Straw Hat pirate crew and One Piece fans all over the world. The story is a touching testament to the sacrifice a brother makes to protect his loved ones, as well as depicting the tragic consequences of life as a pirate in a harsh and unpredictable world.

This moment is not only the emotional peak in the One Piece storyline, but also sends a deep message about sacrifice, friendship, and courage in facing life's challenges.

Ace's death will always be remembered as one of the most touching moments in Luffy and the Straw Hat crew's epic journey towards their dreams.

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That's our discussion this time regarding the deaths of the most epic anime and manga characters.

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