5 Evolutions of Sasuke's Sharingan in the Naruto Anime


Sasuke is one of the main character which is in the anime series Naruto. He is known as Naruto's main rival and close friend on Team 7. Their positions are both ostracized by the villagers. Konohagakure, making them like siblings.

Uciha Sasuke is also famous for his extraordinary Ninjutsu mastery and fighting techniques. The main factor is caused by the visual and sensory abilities that Otsutsuki passed down to the Uciha Clan.

In this article, we will review more about the evolution of Sasuke's sharingan in the Naruto anime, which not many fans know about. Come on! Listen to the end, Cekidot!

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One Tomoe Sharingan

Sasuke Sharingan One Tomoe
One Tomoe Sharingan. (Uciha Limbo/YouTube)

In the anime series Naruto, little Sasuke is depicted as a cold and quiet character. He prefers to fight, and increases his strength.

Revenge for the death of his family and his entire clan was Sasuke's only goal in life at that time.

To support this goal, he has various mainstay ninjutsu, such as Chidori, etc fire ball ninjutsu. From. Sasuke has mastered many ninjutsu, the strongest of which is his sharingan.

Even though it is not as strong as other sharingans, the one tomoe sharingan is the initial stage of the entire sharingan. He got this eye during the massacre of the Uciha Clan.

Due to the huge trauma, Sasuke's one tomoe sharingan is rarely activated. He only reactivated it in the arc land of waves. 

Two Tomoe Sharingan

Two Tomoe Sharingan
Two Tomoe Sharingan. (Source: Naruto Wiki Fandom/Google)

The two-tomoe sharingan is an advanced level of the one-tomoe sharingan eye that Sasuke opened when he was overwhelmed when fighting Haku.

At that time he was unable to match Haku's speed, so he was pressed, and his life was threatened.

Without realizing it, Sasuke opened the power of the two-tomoe sharingan, and managed to restore the situation.

The power of the two-tomoe sharingan allows the user to imitate an opponent's movements, including ninjutsu and taijutsu. The limit of using the sharingan is its inability to imitate opponents who use kekkei genkai or hiden type ninjutstu.

When compared with Itachi, his older brother, Sasuke almost managed to equal his record. He managed to open a two tomoe sharingan during gennin. Meanwhile, Itachi, when he was 8 years old.

Three Tomoe Sharingan

Sasuke Three Tomoe Sharingan
Three Tomoe Sharingan. (Comic Vine/Google)

The awakening of the three tomoe sharingan occurred during his fight against Naruto in the Valley of the End. Sasuke, who was in a state of urgency, after Naruto lost control and turned into a one-tailed beast, was finally able to open his three-tomoe sharingan. The process is almost similar to the previous two sharingan awakening events.

His strength allowed Sasuke to keep up with Naruto who was covered in bijuu chakra, and cast a powerful genjutsu.

Mangekyou Sharingan

Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan
Mangekyou Sharingan. (Greenscene/Google)

The Mangekyou stage Sharingan is one of the strongest kekkei genkai in the Naruto anime series. To activate this sharingan, the user is required to kill his closest family as an offering.

Sasuke succeeded in awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan when he succeeded in killing Itachi, his older brother. This condition was also compounded by his frustration at hearing Obito's explanation regarding the original purpose of the massacre carried out by Itachi long ago.

Its power is not only limited to imitating other ninja skills, however, the Mangekyou Sharingan can also emit Amaterasu, an eternal black flame that will not be extinguished.

What's more, the power of Susanoo can also be achieved after having this sharingan, giving the user a power that cannot be matched.

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. (Daily Anime Art/Google)

Due to excessive use, the Mangekyou Sharingan finally reached its limit.

To overcome this, Sasuke transplanted Itachi's sharingan, in order to awaken the eternal mangekyou sharingan which has no limits to its use.

The eternal mangekyou sharingan is the highest stage of the existing sharingan series, and only a handful of ninjas have awakened it. His strength is beyond reasonable limits, capable of breaking the normal limits of ninja strength in general.


Rinnegan. (Source: Naruto Wiki Fandom/Google)

Sasuke got the Rinnegan in his left eye after Hagoromo shared half of his chakra with him, during the Fourth Ninja World War. From the Rinnegan, Sasuke can control space and time, according to his wishes.

It doesn't stop there, starting from genjutsu such as tsukoyomi or deva path, Sasuke can do it without any significant problems.

This strongest dojutsu is only owned by a few people, including Sasuke and Madara. Because, not just any ninja can master this eye.

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