Cleaning Up, 1.2 Million Free Fire Accounts Blocked by Garena!

free fire ban notice

1.2 million accounts Free Fire blocked by Garena, do you still want to dare to use mods or cheats? Take responsibility for the consequences!

Curious about how Garena bans every fraudulent player account? Read this article until it's finished!

Garena Blocks 1.2 Million Free Fire Accounts

free fire ban notice

To be more precise, 1,225,509 Free Fire accounts have been banned by Garena in the last 2 weeks. These accounts are indicated to use mods, scripts, cheats, or modified programs.

The following is the cheat percentage data used:

  • 75.4% Auto Aim (Auto Headshot)
  • 14,7% Teleport
  • 8.9% Wallhack (Breakthrough the Wall)
  • Other 1%

At least more than half of the accounts banned by Garena are the result of reports from other players! Isn't it good to be reported? So don't use cheats, Vicigers!

20 thousands of accounts of which were downgraded to Bronze I because they were found to be playing with cheaters.

Indeed, Garena always maintains that all accounts/players who play their games comply with the terms and conditions that apply. But what power, many of you want to use shortcuts, right? Repent now, before your account is permanently blocked!

Garena also reminded us to always log in to the Free Fire game with their official application, instead of logging in using an unofficial application instead of playing cheating.

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Still Desperate to Use Cheat/Mod? Get Ready For Permanent Ban!

Not long ago, Garena found a cheat that allows players to have Free Fire skins without having to buy them. It must be really bad! So, to anticipate this, Garena has finally released their latest Anti Hack which can monitor all suspicious player activities.

Accounts that cheat like this will be banned for 3 days, and if you do this again after the cooldown is over, so be prepared for your account to be banned permanently.

Anti-hack continues to be developed by Garena as a preventive measure against the naughty actions of players. Hope you guys wake up soon!

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