2021 Netflix Streaming Platform Plans to Enter the Video Game Industry, Interested?

netflix streaming platform

Who doesn't know Netflix? This Netflix streaming platform is famous for producing lots of cool films they made on it. But did you know that Netflix is currently interested in getting into the gaming industry?

This is evident from the existence of several series and films made by them that have adopted video games. Like serial The Witcher for example. Rumors have recently suggested that the streaming platform Netflix is also making its foray into the world of video games.

You all understand, right now, with conditions like today, the gaming industry is in its heyday. Working from home is one that takes a big part in this problem. Netflix seems to be aware that the game industry will develop exponentially in the near future, and Netflix doesn't want to waste this.

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Streaming Platform Netflix Will Allegedly Create a Video Game Division

The next leaked information, we got from the Technology news portal 'The Information', which stated that the streaming platform Netflix had created a job vacancy for an executive game developer position. The next news said that Netflix will create a game platform like Apple Arcade, but whether this information is true or not at this time, let's wait for more information.

Some time ago, Netflix also announced openly that they were planning to create another division within their company, this came out when Media GameSpot was conducting an interview with Netflix.

Netflix said that they will enter into a new industry with the headline 'Interactive Entertainment'. I don't know what all of this means, but you must have known that several Netflix films had the Interactive Video feature embedded, so that viewers can independently determine the storyline of the film they are watching.

So, does it mean that interactive entertainment is interactive videos? We will get answers over time.

But, if Netflix were to really get into the video game industry, how would you feel about Vicigers? Try commenting in the comments column, what kind of game do you think Netflix will make?

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