The 5 Best Combinations Without Wukong FF in 2022

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Check this post to find out the 5 best combinations without Wukong FF in 2022. Who are they curious about? Just check this page.

Entering the battlefield Free Fire with a certain strategy will definitely bring gamers to victory. For a tactical game plan, characters possessing unparalleled abilities came as one of the top priorities.

Free Fire allows players to complete the abilities of four characters at once. Either all abilities can be passive, or three passive and one active.

Thus, it is not easy for gamers to choose the most suitable character for themselves. Basically, they had to consider their play style and fighting behavior while building the ideal combination.

List of Skill Combinations Without Wukong FF

Below are the 5 best skill combinations that you can use without Wukong FF. So, don't miss it!

Dimitri + Rafael + Laura + Olivia

Wukong FF

The first combo skill without Wukong FF is Dimitri + Rafael + Laura + Olivia. When activated, Healing Heartbeat creates a stationary healing zone 3.5 meters in diameter.

Where the user and their allies recover 3 HP/s and can also recover to get up when they fall. However, the zone only lasts 15 seconds and has a cooldown (CD) of 60 seconds.

When using Sniper and Marksman rifles, Rafael's Dead Silent ability creates a silencing effect when firing, and successful shots can cause enemies to bleed 90 percent faster.

Laura's Sharpshooter ability increases accuracy by 35 percent when the weapon is loaded. Resurrected players will be revived with an additional 80 HP due to Olivia's Healing Touch.

Chrono + Maxim + Hayato + Joseph

Wukong FF

Chrono + Maxim + Hayato + Joseph is one of the best skills without Wukong FF. With 120 seconds CD, Chrono creates an impenetrable force field that blocks 800 damage. Players should note that they cannot attack enemies outside the shield from the inside. All effects last for six seconds.

Maxim's Gluttony ability increases medkit and mushrooms consuming speed by 25 percent. With every 10 percent decrease in maximum HP, Hayato's ability increases armor penetration by 10 percent. When using the Joseph Nutty Movement skill, movement and running speed increase by 20 percent when taking damage.

Skyler + Kelly + Moco + Shani

Wukong FF

The next skill combo without Wukong FF is Skyler + Kelly + Moco + Shani. With an impressive 40 seconds of CD, Skyler unleashed a sonic wave forward, damaging up to five gloo walls within 100 meters.

On top of that, he also recovered nine HP for every gloo wall he used. Users should note that the recovery effect does not accumulate.

Kelly's Dash ability increases the user's running speed by 6 percent throughout the match. Ability Moco Hacker's Eye marks enemies shot for five seconds, shares information with teammates.

Shani's Gear Recycle ability restores armor resistance by 30 percent for each confirmed kill. The extra durability can increase the user's armor up to level 3.

Alok + Kapella + Shirou + D-Bee

Wukong FF
DJ Alok

The next combo skill without Wukong FF is Alok + Kapella + Shirou + D-Bee. Lasting 10 seconds, Alok's Drop The Beat ability creates a 5-meter aura that restores the user's 5 HP/s and increases movement speed by 15 percent. However, it can only be reused within 45 seconds after the last use.

Kapella increases the effects of healing items by 20 percent and healing skills by 10 percent. He also reduces the HP loss of downed allies by 30 percent.

When the user is hit by an enemy within 80 meters, Shirou tags the attacker for six seconds. Bookmarks are only visible to the user. Additionally, the first shot at a marked enemy offers 100 percent armor penetration. The ability has a 10 second CD.

Shirou is an app sender and fights have been a part of his life since he was a child. He has the special ability Dealt Damage.

When a player is hit from within 80 meters, the attacker is tagged. Furthermore, the first shot at a marked enemy has additional armor penetration power.

When firing while moving, movement speed increases by 15 percent, and the user's accuracy increases by 45 percent if the D-Bee ability is equipped.

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K + Miguel + Maro + Paloma

Wukong FF

K + Miguel + Maro + Paloma is the best combo skill without the last Wukong. K increases the user's maximum EP by 50. He then acts in two different modes with a three second mode switch CD.

  • Jiu-jitsu Mode: Increases ally's EP conversion rate by 500 percent within six meters. Psychology Mode: Recovers three EP every second, up to 250 EP.

Users gain 80 EP for each confirmed elimination when using Miguel's Mad Slayer. Falcon Fervor Maro increases damage to enemies at a distance of up to 25 percent.

Additionally, damage increases to tagged enemies by 3.5 percent. Paloma carries an additional 120 rounds of ammunition, not including the grenade launcher.

Maro loves animals and feels that humans think too much of everything and forget the true meaning of life. This character comes with the special survival ability Falcon Fervor.

With this, damage increases with distance and damage to marked enemies also increases. At its highest level, it can deal up to 25 percent increased damage to marked enemies and with up to 14 percent range.

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So, those were the 5 best combo skill recommendations that you can use without Wukong FF. So, are you going to use these recommendations?

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