WSL Mobile Legend Season 6 Team List and Complete Schedule

WSL Mobile Legends

WSL Mobile Legend Season 6 is underway and contains eight Indonesian teams full of extraordinary talent.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the format, schedule, and list of teams currently competing in the WSL Mobile Legends Season 6 tournament.

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WSL Mobile Legends format

WSL Mobile Legends format
WSL Mobile Legends format

WSL Season 6 has started and currently the eight participating teams are undergoing the Group Stage or Regular Season phase.

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All matches in this tournament use the Global Ban-Pick rules. The format used is also Single Round Robin with Best of 3 or Bo3 series.

Best of 3 means that each team competing must achieve two wins to win the game or earn points.

The team that managed to get the first to sixth positions are entitled to qualify for the Playoffs phase, while the two teams that got the seventh and eighth positions will be eliminated.

The total prize offered in this tournament is up to IDR 175,000,000. The entire team will compete for first place for the biggest prize and also a slot to participate in the 2023 MLBB Women's Invitational.

WSL Mobile Legend is held both online and offline at the LigaGame Esports Arena location.

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WSL Mobile Legend S6 Team List

WSL Mobile Legend Team List
WSL Mobile Legends Team List

There are eight teams participating in this tournament. The following is a list of teams currently undergoing the WSL Season 6 group stage phase:

  • RRQ Mika
  • GPX Basreng
  • AURA Phoenix
  • Bigetron Era
  • Delphine MBR
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Foes Win
  • Tiger Wong Seiren

The six teams that attended were teams that were directly invited by the organizers. They are RRQ Mika, GPX Basreng, AURA Phoenix, Bigetron Alpha, MBR Delphyne, and Nigma Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Foes Win and Tiger Wong Seiren won slots to participate in WSL Season 6 thanks to being champions and runners up in the Women Star League Season 6 Play-ins phase.

Currently, the standings are led by Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng who have never been beaten in a bo3 match.

Unfortunately, AURA Phoenix and Foes Win occupy the bottom two positions without having a win. Even so, the group stage phase still hadn't ended and their current position was only temporary.

If you are curious about the exciting matches in the Women Star League Season 6, let's take a look at the complete schedule and how to watch it below!

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Complete Schedule and How to Watch

Woman Star League Season 6 schedule
Woman Star League Season 6 schedule

WSL Mobile Legend Season 6 starts from 17 to 30 January 2023 for the Regular Season or Group Stage phase.

After this phase, there will be a Playoffs phase for the six teams that get the top six positions. The Playoffs Phase will be present from 3 to 5 February 2023.

Currently, all teams are still undergoing the Regular Season or Group Stage phase, the second week to be precise. They will complete the Regular Season phase on January 30th.

For Mobile Legends esports fans who want to watch WSL Mobile Legends Season 6 live, you can head straight to it WSL YouTube channel.

Thus the discussion regarding the team list and WSL Mobile Legends Season 6 schedule, I hope this is useful!

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