Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite, GG Items For Sp. Pokemon Attacks!

wise glasses pokemon unite cover

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite it looks like ordinary sunglasses, but this one held item has the great benefit of adding sp. your pokemon attacks.

As you already know, Pokemon Unite divides attacks according to the type of Pokemon that can be used in a match, namely physical attack or melee and sp. attacks.

This sp.attack will deal different damage to opposing pokemon. Usually, sp. the attack will be generated from a special pokemon skill that has an additional effect as well.

To increase damage sp. attack is even higher, this Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite item is the one that until now still occupies the top position. Of course, this item will be even more stable if you manage to increase its level first.

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Below we will write a discussion about Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite, starting from its basic status and increasing its effect. Then, there are also tips on using this item and which Pokemon have the same frequency with this item in a match.

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite Default Status

Initial Status of Wise Glasses

wise glasses pokemon unite display 1
Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite Status

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite has a fairly good starting status when compared to the Muscle Band and Focus Band items. When you get this item through Beginners Challenge or Aeos, Wise Glasses immediately gives an additional bonus of 10 sp points. attack the user's pokemon.

The Enhancer item that you have will support the supply needs for this Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite status. If you manage to level up to 9, there will be an additional 18 sp points. attacks.

18 points is quite a lot to add sp. attack pokemon that are specifically designed to always attack their targets with skills, such as Mr Mime and Wigglytuff.

At the maximum level of the two pokemon, an additional 18 points is significant enough to cause quite severe damage to certain target pokemon.

Wise Glasses Level 10, 20 and 30

wise glasses pokemon unite level 20
Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite Level 20

Are you not satisfied just leveling Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite up to 9? Therefore, you must continue leveling up to 30.

But, of course you don't always have Aeos points to allocate to this item. At level 10, Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite has the effect of increasing sp. pokemon attack as much as 19 points.

When you have leveled this item up to 20, you will enjoy bonus sp. attack as much as 29 points. If you keep leveling this item up to 30, then you will get additional sp. attacks up to 39.

The problem is, you have to do a lot of matches to collect Aeos and level up this item. At least, you can use special pokemon sp. attack first when you want to have sp. GG attacks.

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Utilizing the Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite Effect

Pair With Eldegoss

wise glasses pokemon unite and eldegoss
Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite only for Eldegoss, what's the point? Of course, Eldegoss is a pokemon with a unique skill design.

Eldegoss is a pokemon whose skillset can both damage and buff teammates at the same time, for example the Synthesis skill.

If you read the effect of Synthesis, the amount of heal points that will be given by Eldegoss depends on the number of sp points. the attack. So, the bigger the sp. Eldegoss attack, the greater the healing effect.

With this Pokemon Unite Wise Glasses, Eldegoss can increase sp. attack while increasing his healing points for teammates. Very profitable, right?

Pair With Pokemon Specialist Sp. attack

wise glasses pokemon unite with sp. attacker
Pokemon Sp. Attackers

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite at level 30 has the ability to increase sp. attack up to 39 points. This is strengthened by the additional effect that will increase the percentage of sp. attack pokemon users up to 7%.

This instantly makes a pokemon that has sp. high attack becomes a GG pokemon in the late game, such as Mr Mime, Gengar and Gardevoir.

Mr Mime will be able to make his target even more confused because he is trapped in the barrier he created. Meanwhile, Gengar is increasingly free to spam his psychic-type skills to enemies that block him. Likewise with Gardevoir whose spam skills are getting more agile.

If you already have Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite with the highest level, just bring them to be paired with these three Pokemon.

Pair With Buddy Barrier

wise glasses pokemon unite and buddy barrier
Buddy Barrier Status

What does Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite have to do with Buddy Barrier? Buddy Barrier can increase the use of Wise Glasses so that the user's Pokemon can use Unite Moves without being disturbed by the opponent's attacks.

For example, you use a combination of Buddy Barrier and Wise Glasses for Pikachu. Every time Pikachu uses his Unite Move, he will get a Shield worth 40% of his maximum HP.

Pikachu's Unite Move type is sp. attack, therefore the Wise Glasses will of course increase its attack and damage. It is guaranteed that Pikachu can survive from the opponent's counter after his Unite Move.

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5 Pokemon To Pair With Wise Glasses


wise glasses pokemon unite and mr mime
Mr Mime And Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite

Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite and Mr Mime are a perfect pair that you must use. The reason is, Mr Mime has an innate status of sp. high attacks.

Indeed, in terms of capabilities as a fighter, Mr Mime is not the best and cannot be a pure DPS. However, once you understand the mechanics of his skills, Mr Mime can become your team's mainstay when intercepting opposing pokemons to score goals and attack Zapdos.

Barrier Skill Mr Mime can trap his target in a Barrier that is stacked up to 2 layers. After trapping the opponent, Mr Mime can immediately attack the target with Confusion or Psychic so that the damage from sp. the attack is getting higher.


Eldegoss And Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite

As previously written, Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite will increase Eldegoss's Synthesis skill because it is affected by sp. the attack.

Not only that, if you choose the Leaf Tornado and Cotton Spore skills for Eldegoss at level 4 and 6, you will have skills for offense and defense.

With the Leaf Tornado skill, Eldegoss will deal damage from sp. attack, but will provide a speed buff for teammates who are in the path of this skill's shot.

The Cotton Spore skill also functions to provide damage as well as debuff speed to opponents, but will also provide additional defense for Eldegoss himself.

Eldegoss' Unite Move also has an effect to push the target from its initial position, and has a healing effect for partners who are close to it when using ulti. Therefore, you should at least bring Wise Glasses when wearing Eldegoss.

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wise glasses pokemon unite and gardevoir
Gardevoir Pokemon Unite

Gardevoir also has a basic attack which is designed as an sp. attacks. Interestingly, if you use Gardevoir, you only need to use a lot of basic attacks to see the capabilities of Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite.

That is, you can save more mana by using Gardevoir. Because of this advantage, you can set the timing to use his skillset and Unite Move.

Gardevoir's Moonblast skill when paired with Wise Glasses will have GG damage. This skill can also give a stun effect to the target.

With Gardevoir at level 15, sp. his attack will be as much as 1001 points. If you use the Unite Move, the opponent's Pokemon will automatically KO immediately or their HP will be low.


wise glasses pokemon unite and sylveon
Sylveon Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite's Wise Glasses will further add to Sylveon's capabilities. When Sylveon has reached level 4, he will get the Mystical Fire skill.

This Mystical Fire skill can be used to reduce sp. opponent attacks. So, if your opponent also has sp. high attack, Sylveon can be a counter for the pokemon.

Apart from using Wise Glasses, Sylveon has a special buff skill that can increase sp. his attack, namely Calm Mind which will be obtained when he rises to level 6.

If you bring Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite and choose Calm Mind, of course Sylveon will have sp. more attacks.


wise glasses pokemon unite and blissey
Blissey And Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite

If Wise Glasses are paired with Blissey, then she will have a GG Unite Move and can provide more effective healing effects for teammates as well.

You can also combine Blissey with the duet item Wise Glasses and Buddy Barrier because she will rely a lot on her Unite Move and get a bonus Shield.

However, most of Blissey's skillset is entirely support. So, you have to choose the Egg Bomb skill so that at least Blissey has one offensive skill.

The rest, you have to be able to save mana to use Unite Move because this will be the only damage generator that GG when you use Blissey

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Wise Glasses Pokemon Unite is a sp specialist item. attack which until now has not had a rival. However, you also have to combine this item with a sp-producing special pokemon. attack for the GG effect, Vicigers!

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