Must Avoid! List of Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends

MOBA games or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has its own meta every time there is an update or patch. Mobile Legends also has a meta and players usually follow the meta to win matches with the strongest heroes. Of course, there are strong and weak heroes in a meta. This article will discuss the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends which are difficult to use.

The weakest hero in Mobile Legends has very low durability, so enemies can easily kill these weak heroes. Usually, mage and marksman heroes have low durability because they have a large damage output. Even though it has a large damage output during the late game, it will still die quickly if the enemy focuses on these weak heroes.

So, players will find it difficult to use this weakest hero to remain useful for the team. For Vicigers who don't want to struggle with push-ranking, it's best to avoid using this list of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends!

Vicigers need to remember that this list of the weakest heroes is based on durability and escape ability. If the durability is low and you don't have the ability to escape, it will be more difficult for players to play this hero.

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The Weakest Hero in Mobile Legends Mage Version


The Weakest Hero in Mobile Legends: Gord
Gord. Source: Esportsku

Gord is a mage with strong abilities in the form of AoE or Area of Effect. The AoE ability is very useful because Gord can deal damage to enemies in a fairly large area. Gord's strength is a stun ability that can stop the enemy for one second. In addition, Gord has a passive that gives bonus true damage.

However, Gord's weaknesses outweighed his strengths. This AoE ability is very easy for enemies to avoid. Not only that, his ultimate ability is also very easy to avoid, so he needs help from teammates to deal full damage from his ultimate ability.

Gord is the weakest mage hero because he has low durability. If the player fails to stun the enemy, Gord will quickly die due to his low durability. In addition, Gord doesn't have the ability to escape, so it will be more difficult to use these weak heroes.

Compared to other mage heroes, Gord is rarely an option for Mobile Legends players. Ability that is easy to read and Ultimate which is easy for the enemy to avoid being one of the reasons. Other mage heroes also have abilities that are easy to use against enemies.

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Vexana. Source: Esportsku

Vexana is one of the mage heroes who really annoys the enemy because of an ability called Charmed Specter. He can also curse enemies, creating target puppets. If they die while the curse is still active, Vexana will deal great damage to enemies around the area.

However, Vexana is included in the list of the weakest mage heroes. This mage hero is classified as the weakest hero because of his difficult abilities to hit enemies. Because of this, it is difficult for Vexana to compete in the current meta.

This hero also requires quite a lot of items such as Winter Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, and Glowing Wand. Without this item, Vexana will have a hard time dealing damage to the enemy.

In general, hero mages in Mobile Legends require high strength and damage output from the early to mid-game phases. However, Vexana has to wait to get the items above in order to have great damage. Available durability is also very low, making it easier for enemies to kill Vexana.

The Weakest Hero in Mobile Legends Marksman Version


Layla. Source: Gamebrott

This famous hero is actually quite weak as a marksman hero. Layla often gets buffs or improvements from Moonton, but until now Layla is still classified as one of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends.

In the early game phase, this hero has very minimal damage output. Not only that, low durability also makes Layla an easy target for enemies. Players need the right position during battle so they can deal great damage.

Layla doesn't have the ability to escape, so if the player is in the wrong position, the enemy will kill her faster. Apart from that, Layla also needs a tank to protect Layla from enemy heroes such as fighter heroes and especially assassin heroes.

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Hanabi. Source: Esportsku

Hanabi is a marksman hero who is quite weak in the early to mid game. Very low durability will make it easier for enemies to kill Hanabi. Players must be in a protected position in order to provide a large damage output.

Tank and fighter heroes must protect Hanabi as a damage dealer in a team. If the position that the player takes is right during a big battle, then Hanabi can deal great damage. Of course, Hanabi must have late game items that can help damage the enemy.

Vicigers must remember that the strength of the hero depends on the player. Even though the list of heroes above is classified as the weakest hero, if a player can use it well, the hero will still be useful for the team.

This list of the weakest heroes is made by looking at the hero's durability, ability to escape, and damage output. Players who are new to playing Mobile Legends will have a hard time with the heroes above because they will die easily and it is difficult to give damage as a contribution to the team.

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