Important! The following is an explanation regarding Vikendi 2.0

Vikendi finally back to map list PUBG with the release of the 7.1 update. Due to its low popularity, the map was dropped in Season 6 for a major overhaul – and since then, PUBG Corp. has given him a lot of attention. Many things have been changed compared to the original version.

Vikendi is a beautiful map with frozen bodies of water, hot springs, pine trees and mountains. Players can track enemies by footprints and tire marks in the snow.

This map has thrilling gameplay. In addition, he has special vehicles such as snowmobiles.

In conclusion, the map seems to be back soon. It looks exciting, especially with the new train. It will be thrilling to watch it on the esports circuit too.

Vikendi has been one of the main attractions among all the diverse gameplay experiences featured in the game. However, like every other old map, Viekndi too is in need of a major overhaul, as players have been exploring the same snowy lands for years now. In Vikendi 2.0 this is the latest addition coming to the 6Km X 6Km map.

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What are the changes in Vikendi 2.0

Vikendi 2.0

They've gathered feedback from testers to improve the map as well – the smaller Dino Park was enlarged to become Dinoland, a much more complicated amusement park. The complex has a large rail system including nine different trains that you can ride.

Overall there was less snow in Vikendi, but still more than originally planned – testers managed to convince them to add more snow to the map.

Due to a lack of snow, the quirky snowbikes and snowmobiles were moved, with two motorcycle variants taking their place. Some smaller settlements such as Tovar and Movatra were removed, while some such as Volnova and Monastery were expanded.

A new Cargo Depot was also added, as people seem to like hanging out there.

All in all, the new and improved Dinoland is the centerpiece of this update. There will be no Dinosaurs, but you can still have fun at the amusement park, including its Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster. Vikendi Reworked will be available in 2 variants: sunny and snowy – the night version is coming at a later date, as the developers are currently working on some visual improvements. Vikendi 2.0 might even be ported to PUBG Mobile first to increase the popularity of the map.

New Features of Vikendi 2.0

Vikendi 2.0

As of now, nothing specific regarding map changes has been released by the officials. However, in the PC version of PUBG, Vikendi 2.0 was added more than a year ago. Taking key features from PC Maps, this is an expected change coming in the mobile iteration of Vikendi 2.0

  1. Railroad Tracks and Moving Trains.
  2. Most of the Snow Is Being Cleared.
  3. Expanded Dinoland.
  4. Also, new Parts are also added in DinoLand.
  5. Added Abby to Kreznic.
  6. Changes in Movatra and Tovar

With keen attention to detail, the developers for the PC version have delivered a brand new PUBG experience especially with the addition of Mobile Trains & the much needed expansion of everyone's favorite Dino Park. Further changes include new & much cleaner graphic filters for maps.

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When is Vikendi 2.0 Release Date

Vikendi 2.0

An image that has been released by officials, highlights a new “Metro Royale” update in the works. On the right side, there is a laptop displaying “Vikendi 2.0” and 'Ver. TBD text.

No official date has been revealed yet, but the new map will most likely be included in the upcoming 1.5 Beta testing which will start in the second half of June or in the first half of July. PUBG Mobile 1.5 Global Version is also expected to release in July. It seems that after installing the 1.5 update, players will be able to explore the all-new Vikendi 2.0.

Wrapping Up

You are definitely waiting for Vikendi 2.0. Because this one map has disappeared and has never been used at all. Due to the occurrence of many bugs and there are several things to consider at that time.

Vikendi itself has its own story and this map is quite unique by having a snow feel that is unmatched by several other maps. So, this is one of the uniqueness of the map.

This map also has lots of obstacles so you can be even more skilled when playing the full mechanic gameplay on that map. Many of the pro players also use this map as a favorite map like BTR (Bigetron), This Indonesian pride team often gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) on this one map.

Then, for those of you who already know Vikendi 2.0's explanation, surely you will be even better and have a scheme or strategy for attacking your opponent. For that, let's play your PUBG Mobile right now!

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