Türkiye is Ready to Hold PMGC 2023, Here's a List of Qualified Teams

PMGC 2023

Türkiye will host the event PMGC 2023 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). This tournament will be held from November to December 2023 in Istanbul City.

A total of 51 teams from all over the world will participate in PMGC 2023. Of this number, 48 teams will compete in the League Stage and three other teams will immediately qualify for the Grand Finals.

So, to find out which teams have qualified for this prestigious tournament, please see the description below.

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List of Teams that Qualified for the PMGC 2023 League Stage

PMGC 2023 Team Illustration. Source: Youtube.

The PMGC 2023 team is the best teams from all over the world. They have gone through a long and hard-fought journey to get to this tournament. 

These teams have talented and experienced players. They have good strategies and tactics. They also have a tough mentality and never give up. 

This world tournament will be a very competitive event. Each team will try their best to win the world title. 

PUBG Mobile fans from all over the world will definitely have their hearts pounding watching the fierce competition. The following is a list of teams that have qualified for the PMGC 2023 League Stage:

  • Southeast Asia (12 teams)
    • Alter Ego Ares (Indonesia)
    • Bigetron Red Villains (Indonesia)
    • Morph GPX (Indonesia)
    • Persija EVOS (Indonesia)
    • Vampire Esports (Thailand)
    • Yoodo Alliance (Malaysia)
    • D'Xavier (Vietnam)
    • Genesis Esports (Myanmar)
    • RRQ Athens (Philippines)
    • ONIC PH (Philippines)
  • Europe (12 teams)
    • FaZe Clan (United States)
    • TSM FTX (United States)
    • Sentinels (United States)
    • Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
    • Team Liquid (Germany)
    • FunPlus Phoenix (China)
    • NOVA Esports (China)
    • Heroic (Denmark)
    • Team BDS (France)
    • Fnatic (English)
  • Middle East and Africa (8 teams)
    • Enigma Force (Saudi Arabia)
    • Nigma Galaxy (Egypt)
    • Mega Stars (South Africa)
    • NFT Esports (United Arab Emirates)
    • TSM MENA (Morocco)
    • QLASH (Qatar)
    • 7Sea Esports (South Africa)
  • Latin America (8 teams)
    • Furious Gaming (Argentina)
    • Infinity (Brazil)
    • KRÜ Esports (Argentina)
    • INTZ (Brazil)
    • TSM FTX LATAM (Brazil)
    • 9z Team (Argentina)
    • Team Liquid LATAM (Brazil)

List of Teams that Qualified for the Grand Finals

The three teams that will immediately qualify for the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals are:

  • PMGC 2022 Champion: League Stage, FaZe Clan (United States)
  • PMGC 2022 Champion: League Stage: Southeast Asia, Alter Ego Ares (Indonesia)

Tournament Format and Prizes

PMGC Türkiye. Source: Dots.

PMGC 2023 will use the same format as last year. The League Stage will last for four weeks, with each team playing 16 matches.

At the end of the League Stage, the top six teams will qualify for the Grand Finals round. The Grand Finals will last for three days, with each team playing 24 matches.

The total cash prizes for PMGC 2023 have not been announced. However, last year, PMGC 2022 offered a cash prize of USD$12 million.

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Indonesian Team Potential

Alter ego Ares
Alter ego Ares. Source: Youtube.

Indonesia has four teams that have qualified for the PMGC 2023 League Stage, namely Alter Ego Ares, Bigetron Red Villains, Morph GPX, and Persija EVOS.

Alter Ego Ares and Bigetron Red Villains are the two most favored teams from Indonesia. These two teams are the champions and runners-up of PMSL SEA Fall 2023.

Morph GPX and Persija EVOS are also potential teams to compete in PMGC 2023. Both are teams that have talented young players.

PMGC 2023 will be a very interesting event to participate in. A total of 51 teams from all over the world will compete for the title of PUBG Mobile world champion.

Indonesia has four teams that have qualified for the League Stage, so the opportunity to win the world title is very open.

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