Tumblr Is A Blogging Service, Here's The Explanation!

tumblr is

If asked what it is tumblr, Tumblr is a blogging service like Blogger or WordPress but with a simpler format.

At the same time, Tumblr also has similarities with social networking services, Twitter, because in it users can follow each other. 

The features that Tumblr has are also inseparable from nuances Facebook, where users can like each other and post text, photo, audio, link and video content.

But because on Tumblr users have more space to write down ideas, manage content and appearance, so that many people on this site are grouped more into blogging services than social networks. 

Tumblrs Is?

tumblr is
Sites similar to blogger

Tumblr is a service for writing and sharing stories like Blogger or WordPress but with a simpler format. 

Tumblr was born about three years after Facebook was released, namely eight years ago in February 2007 to be precise. It was David Karp who first initiated the creation of the site.

Karp himself has had a high interest in the world of tumblelogs, a shortened version of blogs, and wanted to create his own blogging platform. After a long wait for the right moment, in 2006 Karp and Marco Arment finally started working on this project. 

Long story short, Tumblr made its debut, and it only took two weeks for it to reach 75,000 users.

Now, as of January 27, 2022, Tumblr is recorded to have hosted 276.3 million blogs and published no less than 128.3 billion posts. Per month there are 555 million visitors who faithfully read and interact there. 

Tumblr features

tumblr is
blogger-like blogging site

Tumblr has a number of main features, the majority of which are intended for blogging activities, while the rest are aimed at making it easier for users to interact and make friends. 


The main feature that is excellent and indeed the strength of this site is the blog. So, like WordPress and Blogger, after having an account the user will have the flexibility to create a blog with the desired name.

There are two types of blogs on Tumblr, the first is the primary or main blog that was created when you first registered. Second, blogs secondary or additional blog created when already a member and serves as a collection of blogs. 


Dashboard is an admin panel which is used to make it easier for users to manage blog content, design, logo and description. From this panel users can also access other menus that are not found by regular visitors. 


As mentioned above, on Tumblr users can publish various content. The first is text or writing type content, in which you can also insert images.

The steps for creating text type content are more or less the same as other blog services, there will be an editor window equipped with a number of tools.  Apart from posting in the form of text, users can also publish video, audio, links and excerpts. 

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This is what distinguishes this site from other blogging platforms. On this site there is a feature called Explore, a feature that makes it easier for users to find other blog content that is currently becoming hits.

Each content will later be separated based on the type of post, and from there users can immediately reblog, follow or like these blogs.

When you already have an account, you can also change themes and add pages to your blog so you can modify the appearance of your blog.

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