E-Sports: Explore the World of Unconventional Tournaments

Esports Tournament

Tournaments, in their traditional sense, are individual or team competitions for championship titles. While they are commonly associated with the world of physical sports, technology has also brought them into the realm of electronic competition. Let's delve into the world of eSports tournaments. Just like in traditional sports, eSports requires creativity, reflexes, precision, and speed. Let's discover the feats of Rocket League, how the Super Smash Bros. brawls attract crowds of enthusiasts, and how players compete by controlling their favorite Pokémon in the Pokkén Tournament.

Rocket League

Esports Tournament
Rocket League. Source: Youtube/Rocket League Esports

This game revolves around scoring goals, much like in regular soccer tournaments. However, there's one major difference—instead of soccer players, vehicles powered by rockets attempt to take control of the ball. Rocket-powered vehicles allow players to swiftly maneuver the ball across the field, strike it with tremendous force, and perform acrobatic stunts that can even eliminate opponents from the game. The competition allows for unlocking new vehicles and equipment components. Matches can be played casually or in ranked mode.

Super Smash Bros

Esports Tournament
Super Smash Bros. Source: Yourube/Encrypted Duck

Fans who want to showcase their versatile skills in this iconic game series can do so through tournaments. This title gained fame in 1999 as a fighting game series for Nintendo consoles. It then evolved with Melee (which became the best-selling game for the GameCube) and Brawl released on the Wii in 2008. The latest installment, released in 2018, goes by the name of Ultimate. The tournament mode can accommodate up to 32 players, and matches are scheduled in advance.

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Pokken Tournament

Esports Tournament
Pokken Tournament. Source: Youtube/The Official Pokemon YouTube channel

Pokemon tournaments are eagerly anticipated by many fans of the Switch game series. This game offers three-dimensional battles between Pokemon and has a dedicated tournament mode. The gameplay in Pokkén Tournament consists of intense duels, where players must use combinations of attacks, dodges, and blocks to defeat their opponents. The game provides both a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against each other. The game introduces Phase Shift, where battles take place in a three-dimensional space during the Field Phase and transition to traditional two-dimensional combat in the Dual Phase.


Pokken Tournament
Tetris. Source: Youtube/Classic Tetris

Almost everyone knows Tetris. The goal is to achieve the highest score by arranging blocks to create complete horizontal lines. The more lines you clear simultaneously, the more points you earn. In 2010, the first Classic Tetris World Championship took place. The championship consists of several rounds in which players must face various challenges. One of the most exciting moments is the final round, where the top competitors directly compete on a big screen. The Tetris championships attract both experienced players who have mastered the strategies and techniques of the game and newcomers who want to test their skills on the international stage.

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Dance Dance Revolution

Esports Tournament
Dance Dance Revolution. Source: Youtube/DR. D Gaming

DDR is a game that requires players to synchronize their dance steps with an on-screen dancer, indicating when and how to move various body parts. Players compete in a series of musical tracks with varying levels of difficulty. Points are awarded based on the precision of the movements. The more accurate the moves, the more points the player earns. DDR is not just about precision and reflexes but also physical fitness. Playing at an intense pace, players perform jumps, turns, and various move combinations, making it a great physical exercise.

Guitar Hero

Esports Tournament
Guitar Hero. Source: Youtube/CHAKIB TOUYA

The Guitar Hero series involves players using a guitar-shaped controller to simulate playing a real guitar in rhythm with popular music tracks. Players must maintain the rhythm by hitting the appropriate buttons at the right time. Guitar Hero tournaments come in various formats, but most commonly, players compete in solo play or multiplayer mode, where they can form teams and play together. In multiplayer mode, players engage in thrilling guitar battles, aiming to score more points and defeat their opponents.

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We encourage you to broaden your horizons and experiment with various niche eSports. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your new favorite game in one of these extraordinary titles and embark on the path of a professional gamer. Finding the right game to develop the necessary skills for tournaments can sometimes be a challenge, given the multitude of available games. Some tools can facilitate this task, such as game comparators like GG.deals. Regardless of whether you prefer tournaments or exploring the gaming world independently, passion, competition, and the pursuit of excellence will undoubtedly accompany you.

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