Judge Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Using Judge Weapons in Valorant!

Judge Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Using Judge Weapons in Valorant!

Hello viciggers, in this article we will discuss tips and tricks for using the Judge weapon Valorant. The Judge Valorant is one of the most terrifying automatic shotguns in Valorant.

With 17 weapons in Valorant, and lots of choices. While most players dive straight into rifled weapons (they should, given they're usually at the top of the tier list), there's some value to be found in the other categories.

Judge Valorant's weapon is one of those hidden gems. Yes, it's quite expensive at 1,850 Creds, but under the right circumstances, it can really come in handy. There is no better weapon at taking down hordes of enemies even Odin than the Judge Valorant. Here's how you can make the most of it.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Judge Weapon in Valorant!

Judge Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Using Judge Weapons in Valorant!

Judge Damage Stats

Judge Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Using Judge Weapons in Valorant!

Judge, an automatic shotgun shoots at close range. Gives 17 damage per bullet to the body up to 10 meters, if you land all 12 bullets, you will completely destroy the enemy's shield. That doesn't include 34 damage headshots.

However, not only is the damage dropoff a concern, but also the bullet spread. Even though it hurts a little more than other weapons, you certainly don't want to use a judge from a distance.

Bullet Spread & Movement Inaccuracies

Judge has a fairly wide spread of bullets. Apart from that, with the accuracy of the nerf to shotgun in Valorant patch 1.06, and nerf damage in Episode 3, you have to be up close and personal enough to shoot enemies.

However, considering you have to be within 10 meters of your enemy when shooting at him with a fast-firing weapon, this isn't a problem.

Use Judge For Aggressive Attack Game

Judge is very good when players face enemies. All it takes is one click, and players can immobilize enemies in one go.

When attacking, it may seem a bit ineffective. However, if you have fast movement abilities like Jett's Tailwind, Raze's Satchels, or even Reyna's Dismiss to face enemies, you can seriously use them.

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Defending the site with Judge

Where would Judge come in handy? like most weapons that is when defending. Judge is great for holding chokepoints up close, knocking enemies out as they pass him by. This makes it a great tool for holding tight corners, such as A Main in Ascent or Garage in Haven.

You have to hope you don't take any damage from the enemy's utilities, and once they start executing you can attack from their shadows. The problem with a weapon like Judge is that if you stall for time and get a few kills, you've done your job. Hopefully, by then, your teammates can clean up the rest.

Judge, at 1,850 Creds, is a big and wasteful buy, especially now that it's also nerfed. For the same price, you can get a much more versatile Specter.

However, if you are attacked by an enemy, you can give them their own pain in return. It's a lot easier to use than the SMG too, that's for sure.

You're not buying Judge every round and certainly not at full purchase where weapons like the Phantom or Vandal are much better. However, if you're looking to pull off a naughty strategy or two, Judge Valorant is your friend.

So Judge Valorant is an early weapon and can also be used when under pressure and allows us to play at close range with enemies. At a critical moment like that Judge is very useful to subvert all the enemies in front of him.

You can even get ACE if the enemy attacks together at close range. Judge Valorant is one of the deadliest weapons in Valorant and can make players turn things around with this one weapon. Judge will be very annoying if the user understands how to use this one weapon and will create a big threat to the enemy.

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