Tips for playing Ulala Idle Adventure for beginners

Ulala Idle Adventures became the choice of MMORPG concept games that didn't take long. The gameplay mechanism focuses on party collaboration, and is varied with Idle which does not require players to play no stopping just to level up. Ulala Idle Adventure will not disturb your daily life.

8 classes

Ulala Idle Adventure  has 8 different class types plus no gender lock feature. Players can determine the character and class according to what they want. The class division consist of 2 Healer classes, namely Shaman and Druid, then 2 classes are Tank, namely Warrior and Gladiator, while 4 classes are DPS which consist of Assassins, Hunters, Warlocks and Mages. Each class has their own skills that complement each other.

Team Hello

It is recommended to form a party with a combination of: 1 healer, 1 tank, and 2 different dps, because the party will get bonus Team Halo stats of HP +5%, ATK +5%, and Armor +5%.

Don't Have To Always Be Online

When the player is really having a lot of work, stay out of game, the characters used will automatically continue leveling. When player entered into the game returns, automatically gains Exp, equipment, food, and other items depending on the area the last which was resolved.

Food Processing

Including an interesting menu in the game Ulala Idle Adventure  this is Cooking. Players can cook with recipes provided utilizing  various ingredients the resulting food when left offline. These dishes can then be enjoyed alone in order to obtain complementary status in the character within a certain time. The food can also be used to trap animals for pets.

Trapping Animals

As already mentioned, deep cooking results Ulala Idle Adventure  earlier can serve as animal bait traps which later these animals will be kept. Players can earn more than animals only with one time trap. These pets can be ridden to help in battle. Players can also upgrade the pet's status using the materials obtained from releasing unwanted pets.

Choose Loot

Players in Ulala Idle Adventure can choose what loot they want when they are offline, namely Shell, Equipment, Skills, or food ingredients. Players can increase their material income up to 3x compared to usual.

Many Bosses Must Be Defeated

Ulala Idle Adventure requires players to defeat many bosses one by one boss after boss so they can proceed to the next area. Occasionally, encountered a boss with a really strong casting skill, therefore proper skill sequence analysis is needed. This feature can be used by tapping Exp / min at the top right under folder. Players must be able to choose the right skill that can beat the opponent's skill exactly when the monster is casting it. Of course it requires several times practice to get it right.

Upgrade Skills

When the game lasts for some time, players will acquire a variety of new skills. Players can take advantage of the skills they want or increase the level by paying for skills that are not used. Therefore Try a skill that can thwart your opponent's casting, because it's quite useful in preventing deadly boss attacks.

Lots of Prizes

Ulala Idle Adventure players will get rewards every 5, 10, and 15 days depending on the character's performance. It is determined according to the last area passed. Therefore, the characters, parties, and strategies used must be maximized so that they can progress smoothly. Take advantage of the free Quick Battle every day to get an additional bonus of 2 hours of Exp and loot.

Raise Status

Each character used increases the level, the player will get 5 Energy Points which are used to increase the character's status. Increase status according to character class, for example DPS (attacker) characters, for that, choose the top status (so you can increase ATK), then the bottom (so you can increase Crit). Then if the character class is Tank, for that you have to balance the middle status (Sta) so you can increase HP, as well as lower status (Tech) so you can increase Armor.

Mystic Realm

When player Ulala Idle Adventure until level 25, you will find the Mystic Realm feature. Players just have to beat the boss at each level to get a reward in the form of an Enchanting Book. The book is an equipment requirement that can pass a certain level. Players will also get new skills from the Skill Chest.

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