Grock's Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends, Carry the Team For Victory!

Weaknesses of Hero Grock

Check this page for Grock gameplay tips on Mobile Legends. You can become a team carry to get Victory!

Grock is a Tank with the ability that has been buffed to deal enormous damage to any marksman. However, you have to practice a lot in using it.

According to Grock's gameplay, we can divide it into three phases. Our Grock Mobile Legends gameplay tips cover the perfect game plan for early game, mid game and late game.

Grock MLBB Gameplay Tips

Early Game

Game Grock

As a tank, it is advisable to explore and try to help the team's jungler to take the purple buff just in case the enemy invades the team's jungle.

Otherwise, continue to help farming god laners. Use Grock's Skill 1 to poke enemies by charging them well enough for extra damage while staying close to walls for extra buffs to your stats.

After unlocking Skill 2 Grock always tries to place them in such a way that the walls formed will block the enemy's path and delay them from clearing the minions.

A good example of how to place skills is to trap the enemy in their turret, even better is to trap the enemy in the team's turret.

Don't just focus on protecting the Core hero, he can open maps to keep an eye on the opponent's movements. Open Map is useful so that teammates are not hit by enemy ganking. Thus, you can eliminate that risk.

Apart from that, with Open Maps, you can open up a large farming area, so the team will excel in terms of gold.

During the early game, Grock's gameplay did not have a high ability to survive. It requires you to play smart. Use Skill 1 when attacking an opponent, and return when on cooldown.

Mid Game

Game Grock

When playing Grock try and have a good awareness of the map and help your teammates in taking the vision. Note that when trying to turn or change lanes easily, always stay close to the walls for the extra speed boost that comes from the passive. 

After unlocking your ulti place in that way it hits the wall or turret because the ulti skill gives extra damage like that. Also, it is recommended to follow these combo skills to gain an edge in battle:

  • Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 3 + Skill 1

Late Game

Game Grock

In the late game, try to protect the team's main damage dealer, as they may be the most targeted heroes on the battlefield while obeying Grock's passive of staying close to walls. 

Try to place the wall from skill 2 Grock in such a way that it will divide or choose the enemy's main damage dealer so that your team can start a perfect attack on that target.

Then you can follow up with an ulti because of the knock-up effect it gives. A good idea is to choose a hero with low flash skills from their team using skill 2, doing this will certainly increase your chances of winning on the battlefield.

When using Grock properly and correctly, you have to get as close to the wall as possible so that he gets a shield that can block your opponent's attacks. 

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You must be able to use skills correctly, and position yourself with your opponent. That way, you can attack them while guarding your team well at the same time.

It should be noted that enemy heroes with low blink skills or mobility are much easier to target for Grock than those with high flash skills. You have to be aware of the whereabouts of the heroes Zilong, Sun and Franco in the hands of the enemy.

As previously discussed, gameplay Grock is a very strong tank in the game. An excellent choice for rank play, he's definitely a good pick for the current meta. 

Grock's gameplay tips will definitely help you guide easy wins with him in Mobile Legends. 

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That's all for today's Grock Mobile Legends gameplay tips. Would you rather use Grock's gameplay in another way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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