Tips to Avoid Lose Streaks in Mobile Legend

Tips to Avoid Lose Streaks in Mobile Legend

Hello Vicigers Friends, do you know? Losing streak is a moment that Mobile Legend players don't expect. Sometimes, a losing streak can make playing ML games less enthusiastic.

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The reason is defeat after defeat must be suffered by players. Especially if you experience a losing streak while playing in rank mode, inevitably your rank status will decrease.

Are you tired of playing loss streak Vicigers? How come Mimin used to be like that too: v this time Mimin wants to give a way to avoid losing streaks, players really have to know the causes. This is useful so that in the future you will not suffer the same fate.

So what are the reasons for losing streaks in Mobile Legend and how to overcome them? Instead of being curious, let's review it below!

The cause of losing streak in Mobile Legend is...

Tips to Avoid Lose Streaks in Mobile Legend
Source : William Gaming's YouTube channel

Knowing the causes of losing streaks or consecutive defeats for players is an obligation so that they can evaluate the game even better. Of the many reasons that exist, here are three common factors that Mobile Legend players often do:

Happy with the public

Playing together (mabar) with people you don't know has the highest level of risk. Why is that Vicigers? Because players cannot be sure that the skills of strangers can be relied upon to 'bump' to win matches.


Having a high ego can involve a number of things, including trying heroes who are not meta, selfishly taking buffs, selfishly open war alone and not paying attention to the map. If you meet a player like that, it's definitely an auto losing streak 


Who doesn't get tired of being lectured while playing games? In almost every game, toxic players are always present. But don't worry, that cause will be reduced because in the latest Mobile Legends update, distracted players can mute teammates or enemy teams.

How to overcome a losing streak in ML

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The reasons above are sure to result in a lose track. For that, players really need to know how to deal with losing streaks in ML. Here are 5 powerful tips:

Have fun with the squad

The key to success in winning matches in Mobile Legends is cooperation. Without it, it would be impossible to break the losing streak curse. Therefore, immediately find a squad and invite them to play together. There is a big possibility for a win streak (consecutive wins) to come true!

Improve how to play

How to play is important to improve because players must know the tasks of the heroes used. This concerns the player's knowledge in Mobile Legend. This is what it means: if you use a tank, you have to protect the hero core, not mukil (the desire to get kills) and vice versa, if you use a core, you have to know how to kill.

Stop toxic

From now on, players must have the courage to stop toxic! It's better to have useful communication, such as: say uplifting and cheerful sentences to make playing ML even more fun.

Improve playtime

Determine the right time to play ML, don't spend hours ignoring other activities. If you've lost a streak, don't keep trying to play!


Playing the Mobile Legends game is filled with strategy. Not just playing ordinary but must have extensive knowledge. Therefore, watch the YouTube channel of gamers who share knowledge on how to play Mobile Legends properly and correctly so you don't lose streak!

So, those are the causes of losing streaks in Mobile Legends and how to overcome them, Vicigers!

Apply the tips above right away so you don't feel a losing streak that hurts so much!

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