Tips and Tricks for Playing the Mobile Legends Game for Newbies

mobile legends

Mobile Legends is a game that brings together two teams and then the two of them will compete against each other to seize the opponent's base and defend their own base. This one game has many who like it from children to adults. For those of you who are just starting to play this mobile game, you need the following tips and tricks to play it.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mobile Legends

  1. Master one hero

For those of you who are still beginners to play this game, surely you don't know the various skills that heroes can issue in mobile legends. But you can stay focused on playing one hero and mastering how to play it. Choose the hero that you think is the easiest to understand.

In order to try the hero you choose, you can enter custom mode and then select practice so you can learn skills from that hero. If you have mastered one hero then you can play other modes such as classic, rank, VS, AI or Brawl with friends or other players who will be randomly selected.

  1. Set the item or equipment build

After you can master one hero. You have to set the build item so you can use it when playing Mobile Legends. For example, when you choose to use a marksman type hero, you should buy an attack item so you can increase the attack damage on your opponent.

You can find this build item in the lower left corner where it usually says Prep, then enter the equipment menu. You can also use the same build items as top players which you can usually see on the same page.

  1. Don't play alone

For those of you who are still newbies, you should not play alone, especially at the end of the game. Because this one game requires teamwork in order to gain victory by destroying the opponent's base. It's best to avoid playing alone and dying silly because of being ganged up on by opposing players.

  1. Read the minimap

When playing the mobile legend game, you will be seen on the map besides that you will also see the state of the area around you by looking at the mini map in the top left corner.

You need to pay attention to the minimap so you know the position of your opponent and your teammates. By looking at it you can know everything that is in the game so you can determine when is the right time to attack or retreat.

  1. Upgrade emblems

After you determine your favorite hero, the next thing you need to do is raise the level of your emblem. This is so that your chosen hero can also increase his strength. If you are still a beginner at hero marksman, you can replace it with a physical emblem that you can upgrade the level to.

  1. Don't get AFK

AFK is when a player leaves the game area and doesn't return. If you do that, your credit score will be reduced to a penalty for AFK. For that you make sure that your credit score is more than 100. If you often do AFK this will affect the credit score which makes you unable to play in rank mode.

Those are some tips and tricks that you can use when playing Mobile Legends. And finally you need to make sure that your internet network must be strong when playing the game.

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